Buster Update 4

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Nov 042008

Now that Buster has stopped chewing his injured wing, he can roam around the refuge free from bandages and the cone he hates so much!

He loves hangin’ out near the floor, with his buddy Dr Earl.

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  1. So that’s his name!!!! This little guy loves his peanut butter! His friend not so much but he still tries to share with him :)

  2. they look happy and well cared for and that really touches my heart.. i just dont understand why people get them only to abuse and get rid of them… i love my birds and at 63 i worry about what will happen if i can no longer care for them .. i want them to have happy forever homes… with others of their species.. maccaws, amazons, and i have one quaker who isnt leaving .. i think i could handle him..

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