Chi Chi is Doing Fine!

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Nov 052008

It’s been over a year since Chi Chi’s first big walk, after the amputation to save her from cancer in her right hip.

I’m happy to report that she is a contented bird. She moves at will in and out of her cage, and because she has a special corner full of people and birds of all sub-species, she’s developed some interesting friendships – and nap-buddies!

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  1. Awww that’s fantastic. I always wondered what her story was. It’s the cutest thing when she cuddles with Sasha in all the toys!What a lucky bird!

  2. This video actually made me cry. How can a parrot get cancer ?? I wish people would understand how complicated it is to properly raise a parrot. I see a lot of Moluccans in your pictures; they are quite loud. :-D I love hearing parrots screaming their love for life, even though it hurts my ears. If I was rich, I would have an Avian Rescue Center ( maybe with a wing for other unwanted pets ). I wish I could do more, but I’m unemployed. Love to all who care for parrots !

  3. Hey Donna, Chelsea,

    Thanks for stopping by and checking on Chi Chi. We don’t know why birds get cancer any more than we understand it in humans.

    There are many ways everyone can help us help the parrots, even beyond financial donations. Read the many articles here to educate yourself to the problems of parrots in captivity, and let others know. Also, please forward our website and video links to all your friends to spread the word.

    By the way, I really like this song by Kerri Woelke who generously gave me permission to use it.
    It is on youtube – click here –

    Thanks again,

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