Aug 132011

Alberta 36 #19

We’re thrilled that Kara L. of Manitoba has joined the For The Birds campaign, and is sponsoring these sweet cockatiels. We are truly grateful for your support, Kara.

Update: Many thanks to Catherine M. & Allan C. of BC for sending these Alberta 36 cockatiels a generous donation. Thank you so much!

The story of the Alberta 36: At the end of May 2011, the World Parrot Refuge offered sanctuary to 36 parrots from Alberta. The birds arrived in terrible shape and in filthy cages. They likely hadn’t been cleaned for months. The Refuge has never received so many birds in such poor condition at one time.

The birds came to us from a very sad situation in a supposed sanctuary. The woman died from Alzheimer’s, and the man has Parkinson’s. Apparently, according to a neighbour who phoned Wendy, the refuge received only 1/3 of the birds. The others didn’t make it.

The birds have now all been medically checked, given vitamin shots, and are being fed a proper, varied diet. They are being kept apart from the rest of the flock while being watched to confirm that they are fit to be released into the common aviaries.

Needless to say, these birds need sponsors to support their care. If you want to Virtually Adopt one of the Alberta 36 or contribute to their care, you may do so in a few ways. Whether you can support the full virtual adoption of a bird for $42/month ($500/year); or join our “For the Birds Campaign” for $10/month; or send any amount that you can manage; we will be grateful for your help. The first person to sponsor each bird will have the honour of naming the bird, since they all arrived nameless.

I  want to Virtually Adopt one of the Alberta 36!

Click on the ‘Virtual Adoption’ button below to proceed to our Virtual Adoption page, where you will be able to make a secure monthly or one-time donation, and nominate the parrot you wish to adopt. Please use the post title to identify a specific bird, until the parrots are named, e.g. “Alberta 36 #19″.

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  1. It’s my absolute pleasure to support these 3 cockatiels…I adore cockatiels–they’re the quirkiest little things! :) But, being an apartment-dweller, I’m not allowed pets, so I have to be content with watching YouTube vids of cockatiels, budgies & parrots in general, & supporting these 3 little darlings from a distance. <3

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