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Mar 042012

Joe, a male Australian King Parrot

UPDATE: Many thanks to Margaret C. who has sent Joe a donation “in memory of Sydney who was a sweet little Australian King Parrot”. Margaret, thank you for your kind gift to Joe.

Joe’s story: Joe is one of a group of parrots who arrived from a woman who loves her birds and has kept them in flights, not little cages, all their lives. Now however, her health is not good and she has to move to a smaller home – an apartment we believe – so unfortunately her parrots cannot go with her. She loves the refuge and feels that there would be no better place anywhere for them. She doesn’t want them bred or just sold for money even though she is on a pension.

She is saddened to have to part with them, but her health has made it impossible for her to stay in her home of many years and where these birds enjoyed a free flight lifestyle.

As she could not bear the thought of them being caged, she has allowed them to come live here at the Refuge. Being on a pension, she is not in a financial position to support these birds, and so these new residents are looking for virtual adoptive parents.

Could you be one?

I want to help sponsor a World Parrot Refuge parrot!

Click on the ‘Virtual Adoption’ button below to proceed to our Virtual Adoption page, where you will be able to make a secure monthly or one-time donation, and nominate the parrot you wish to adopt. Please use the post title to identify a specific bird, until the parrots are named, e.g. “Tilly”.

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