Happy Birthday, Wendy!

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Sep 062012

It was Wendy’s birthday this past weekend and to celebrate, the staff threw her a surprise party. Wendy writes of the experience:

The staff gave me a fabulous surprise birthday party yesterday.  They set up tables and ballons and tons of food in the bunny area.

I had no clue and almost didn’t notice all of it – and the people – when I went rushing in to the rabbit sanctuary with Steph and Susan to see what was going on in there – that was so very strange.  I was dreading seeing some horror show – and then they shouted SURPRISE.  Very exciting for me!

What a birthday, especially when the oncologist had just given me my life back.*  One of the volunteers – Lorne – took a slew of pictures.  I was dressed in poopy birdshirt – perfect !!!!

Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Here are some more photos of the day:

* Note: At Wendy’s latest check-up, the doctors were very pleased with how things are looking. Her liver and cervix are still clear and the lymphs are almost clear. No further treatment is necessary, because it is disappearing naturally.

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to Wendy !!!

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