Dec 182012


UPDATE: Hello Macaw has been virtually adopted: partially by Christine from Toronto and partially by Alice from Richmond – just look how happy he is! Thank you both so much.

Hello Macaw is over 60 years old and completely blind due to Vitamin A and D deficiency. He is also one of our resident Parrot Painters, and his artwork has been made into one of four notecards created to help raise funds for the new WPR Palliative Care Centre. You can see the set of 4 cards here.

I want to help sponsor a World Parrot Refuge parrot!

Click on the ‘Virtual Adoption’ button below to proceed to our Virtual Adoption page, where you will be able to make a secure monthly or one-time donation, and nominate the parrot you wish to adopt. Please use the post title to identify a specific bird, e.g. “Tilly”.

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