A Boxing Day Visit

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Jan 062013

From Wendy: Have you seen the new video?  The young man had a great time doing this.  I think a lot of people would enjoy seeing it!

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  1. LOVE THE NEW VIDEO!!! Great with the music, the “stars”, both human and parrot, and the visitors!!! The parallel to SPCA very good point to mention as well!
    Congrats–as always

  2. Love this video! Good job! I miss Barry!

  3. Can I adopt the hyacinth macaw??? Or am I too late????

    • Hello, Thanks for your offer of adoption. What we do here is called a Virtual Adoption. None of our birds leave the facility, this is their HOME. For some the only safe place they have known, where caretakers ensure they are fed, loved and have a comfortable habitat. Instead of adopting them out we keep the birds but allow anyone to help with the cost of their care through Virtual Adoption. Please go to the page on our website dedicated to Adoption, choose a bird to Virtually adopt and pick the level of support you wish to donate. Thank you from all the Hyacinth Macaws who are all saying “Pick Me…Pick Me”.

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