Aug 022014

July2013 049July2013 048August 2, 2014 the newest addition to the World Parrot Refuge, Lavender, is now selling in the Lavender Cottage. Location: World Parrot Refuge, Coombs, BC

Jan 262014

We are open every day 10am to 4pm (except Christmas Day and New Years Day)

All proceeds go towards the care and feeding of our fabulous parrots.

Donations gratefully accepted.

Sep 222013

Now’s the time to donate special or heirloom items to our upcoming Silent Auction!

Please bring donations to the Thrift Shop.

Some items we already have:

  • Bicycle Built for 2
  • Antique Cradle
  • Heirloom Jewelry
  • Fine Crystal and China
  • Original Artwork

Help us make this the BEST AUCTION to date.  Winter is here and our wonderful birds need to be kept warm in their 23,000 sqft facility.


Thanks Everyone!

Bird Group


Oct 212012

The World Parrot Refuge is happy to let you know that it now has beautiful cards available for sale. The cards feature artwork by 4 of the parrots living at the refuge: JR, Lago, Bailey and Hello Macaw.

Wendy writes:

The cards are primarily to raise funds for the new Palliative Care Unit.  We are getting the double wide trailer ready right now.  We have to line it with steel of course – floor too so that the parrots do not have to be caged.  We have to get the power put into the building and plumbing as well.  We do have a lot of cupboards already – so we think if we can raise $15k we will have a great area for the very special needs birds.

Each Card Pack contain 4 cards (one of each design).

The cards have been produced by Cranky Crow Studios, and are available in a pack of 4 ( 1 of each design) for $20, which includes shipping in Canada.

To order your Card Pack, please type in how many Packs you would like, and click “Order Card Packs” to add them to our shopping cart:

Pack(s) of Parrot Painting Cards

Thank you very much!

Goffin’s Tree

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Jun 042012

Some Goffin’s Cockatoos check out the festive new benches outside.

These benches are along the path leading up to the Refuge. They were recently repaired (as needed) and painted a beautiful bright red by Glenn and Angela M.  These are the volunteers that built the cockatiel flight and the small parrot flight.

Many thanks, Glenn and Angela!

Apr 182012

Here are some of the informational and educational posters around the Refuge. 

Many of these have information about what birds eat and how to keep them happy in a home, like ideas like foraging and play. There are also species-specific informational posters throughout WPR to teach people about the various types of birds living at the Refuge, as well as from where they originate. There’s the self-guided-tour board and a number of warning signs throughout to keep both humans and parrots safe. Rosie the Macaw did a stand-up job making sure I read the posters in the informational display. Thank you, Rosie!

Horst was busy outside putting up some more of the educational banners along the walkway up to the entrance. There will be about a dozen or so when he’s finished.

Wendy told me that there will be two new outdoor flights being built, as soon as the weather is amenable. The posts and fencing was already there, now all that’s needed is a few days of sun to get them up!

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