2014 Silent Auction

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Sep 222013

Now’s the time to donate special or heirloom items to our upcoming Silent Auction!

Please bring donations to the Thrift Shop.

Some items we already have:

  • Bicycle Built for 2
  • Antique Cradle
  • Heirloom Jewelry
  • Fine Crystal and China
  • Original Artwork

Help us make this the BEST AUCTION to date.  Winter is here and our wonderful birds need to be kept warm in their 23,000 sqft facility.


Thanks Everyone!

Bird Group


May 282012

Coombs Centennial

It was the Centennial for Coombs and French Creek this past weekend.  The celebrations were held at the French Creek School (just over the bridge after Goats on the Roof).  Many organizations had displays and it was very well attended.  Wendy, Horst and the WPR volunteers spoke to an endless line of people of all ages.  Needless to say they all fell in love with Iago and Peaches!

And…there were chickens there the local 4H club was displaying!  They had 3 black Bantam chickens free to a good home… so guess where they are now! They are just young, but it looks as if one is male and the other two are females.  They are now currently living in the old conure house at the Refuge, so they are safe from raptors.  Their names are Meeny, Miney and Mo – Mo is the rooster.  When you go to see them they come running for a cuddle – they really are very sweet.

Sep 212011

Wow! Are we ever excited!  Cathy Carroll has finished up the ribbons that we’ll be using to award the winners of the Pet Parade, one of the special events we’re having to celebrate World Animal Day at the Refuge October 2. Cathy is also sending the Refuge two bags of knitted items for the store and a box of parrot toys! Thank you Cathy, so much!

Have you heard about the WAD celebration? It going to be fantastic, with volunteers from the Refuge giving tours, a Vegan fundraiser buffet, and many other fun activities. Check out our detailed post here.

We are also thrilled to tell you that Eric Marquis from Hagen has also arranged to donate $750 worth of Tropimix food for the event. Thank you so much, Hagen, for your generosity!

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Sep 152011

World Animal Day is being celebrated at the Refuge Sunday, October 2nd  from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Please mark it on your calendar and make sure to join us for a day of family fun paying tribute to all animals.

There will be educational tours of the Refuge and a mouth-watering Vegan buffet catered by the delicious Paradise Noodle House. These fabulous folks also catered the Compassion event. It will be a fundraising buffet, with proceeds being donated to the Refuge.

There will be face painting and the opportunity to virtually adopt a parrot from the Refuge. You’ll be able to meet the parrot and have your photo taken with your new buddy! You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about your feathered friend and find out why parrots do not make suitable pets.

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Wendy Updates

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Aug 212011

These are more recent updates from Wendy via Cheryl Rutherford. Updates will be more prompt now that the website upgrade is completed – Jane.

November 10, 2011

Wendy writes:

On Tuesday the oncologist came into the chemo room to see me – he was actually off work as he is sick. Anyway I told him that I trust him completely to save my life as 800 children are depending on his success – he smiled and said that was a ‘heavy load’ – then he gave me a hug.

He did tell me that I have another CT scan being booked. Depending upon the results – if they are as good as he feels they will be – he may give me 3 months or so off the chemo – and then hit it again full force for another 3 treatments. Apparently data has shown that this method has greater success with people who are responding well – sounds very promising to me :o}}}

One of the ladies who works at Buckerfields told me that she can see how much healthier I look than I did before I was diagnosed. She said that my eyes were always red and she knew I wasn’t well, and now my eyes are bright white – even the edges of my lids look normal. I had noticed it myself – but just thought I was getting old and my eyes were sore from wearing contacts for 45 years.

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Aug 212011

This news comes from Wendy via Cheryl Rutherford.

Wendy and Sydney at the Shining World Compassion Award Ceremony

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dear Friends of the World Parrot Refuge,

Wendy has asked that I share the following news with you, in the spirit of honesty and transparency.

Wendy has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time: she had a hysterectomy 35 years ago for the same thing and now it has returned with a vengeance.  It was confirmed on Friday, and she is now waiting to be called by the Vancouver Cancer Clinic for treatment (apparently the VCC is the best in Canada).  She would like to emphasize to everyone that she is not at all worried about herself; however, she is worried about not being at the refuge and leaving so much work to the staff.

She has been assured by the doctor that this cancer is very treatable. In fact, Wendy wrote, “He said if he had to choose one, this would be the one to choose”.  The treatment apparently isn’t fun, but the end result (of course) is well worth it.

Why share this personal information with you? Wendy writes:

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Site Upgrade

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Aug 212011

The site recently underwent a large software upgrade, so we can more easily continue to share news with you.

You may find some features of the site, especially videos, that are not working yet, but rest assured I will continue to work through all the posts and find all the things that need to be fixed.

Thank you for your patience!

I am about to share several important news items with you courtesy of Cheryl Rutherford, one of our very busy volunteers who has done a beautiful job running the WPR Facebook Page.

Warmest wishes,
Jane (volunteer webmaster)

Jun 122011
Sheila Presenting Wendy with the Shining World Compassion Award

Sheila Presenting Wendy with the Shining World Compassion Award

On Sunday, June 5, 2011, Wendy Huntbatch and the World Parrot Refuge received the Shining World Compassion Award and a $20,000 donation from Supreme Master Ching Hai. As Sydney the Cockatoo watched from Wendy’s shoulder, representative Sheila Coodin presented Wendy with a framed letter, in which the Supreme Master Ching Hai wrote:

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Nov 082010

Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud has introduced amendments to The Animal Protection Act, 1999.

The proposed amendments to the Act include increasing the maximum fine level for animal abuse to $25,000 for each convicted offence. The current court imposed fines are a maximum of $5,000 for a first offence and $10,000 for second and subsequent offences. The new legislation also proposes increasing the imprisonment period from the current maximum of six months to a maximum of two years for those convicted of animal abuse.

“Our government is committed to a high standard of animal health and welfare in Saskatchewan,” Bjornerud said. “While we know the vast majority of owners do provide the necessary care for their animals, these proposed changes will help to reduce the number of animal neglect cases in Saskatchewan.”

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Nov 012010

Big news! The Calgary Parrot Club has voted to become a Compassion Based Bird/Parrot Club. This is (most likely) the first ever parrot club to do so. It has taken a year of behind-the-scenes work and discussion, but it is now official.

Gloria Fantin, President of the Calgary Parrot Club states, “We are excited to be one of the first, if not the first parrot club in Canada, to become a Compassion Based Bird Club. Our membership voted unanimously on this great step forward after being a traditional bird club for 21 years!”

And as Wendy so accurately says, “Every day brings a positive change for parrots – most times just one parrot at a time – but definitely we are going in the right direction.”

What wonderful news for parrots!

To read the Objectives, please click here:

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