Update June 5, 2016

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Jun 052016

For those interested in what is happening at the World Parrot Refuge – Until further notice the Refuge itself is Closed while the birds are being examined and catalogued by a world renowned avian vet from “The Night Owl Bird hospital which is a Vancouver based veterinary hospital, wholly dedicated to the provision of exceptional avian veterinary services. Our head veterinarian is Dr. Anne McDonald, who, like the entire staff, shares a special interest in your feathered friends.” We can’t thank Dr. McDonald enough for donating her time and resources to ensure our birds are healthy and any injuries or age related issues are being treated properly. So far the birds have passed inspection and are considered well and have no disease. Great news for anyone who surrendered a much loved pet to the refuge. Further news will be posted as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

The Refuge Thrift Store remains OPEN – Please drop in and assist us in feeding the birds and maintaining the building they occupy. All sales from the Thrift Store go directly to the birds. Thank You for continuing to support these magnificent creatures.

Feb 062016

To assure all those concerned, I would just like to officially state that although we morn the loss of one of the founders of the World Parrot Refuge, we are not closing/ shutting down / rehoming birds. The World Parrot Refuge is an officially registered charity and the necessary support to continue has been in place for some time now. We thank all for your support and assistance over the years and we hope this will continue as we will continue to be providing a home for life for these beautiful, intelligent, amazing birds….Sue Watkins, Director

Feb 052016

Wendy Huntbach
Lost her valiant fight with cancer – February 3, 2016

Press Release
On February 3, 2016 the world lost one of it’s most beloved animal rights activists and carer. Wendy Huntbatch passed away at 3:05pm pacific time, she died after a long fight against cancer. She was most notably known for operating the Charity “For the Love of Parrots Refuge Society” and the facility “The World Parrot Refuge”.

She devoted the last 25 years of her life to the health and welfare of caring for ex breeder parrots and ex pet parrots. Her goal was to educate people why parrots should not be pets, to stop the trafficking and importing of parrots into Canada and to provide a home for life for those parrots that were here already.

She educated so many people and touched so many lives that she will be greatly missed by all. Her efforts have not ended as the Society and the Refuge will continue on. We ask that everyone who was touched by Wendy’s life not to send flowers but to instead donate to the World Parrot Refuge via their website so that we may continue on the work that Wendy has left for us.

We will let everyone know in the next few days when a memorial will be held for Wendy. Please keep an eye on the website www.worldparrotrefuge.org and the Facebook page for updates.

Thank you
Justin Huntbatch (son)

The Lavender Cottage is OPEN

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Aug 022014

July2013 049July2013 048August 2, 2014 the newest addition to the World Parrot Refuge, Lavender, is now selling in the Lavender Cottage. Location: World Parrot Refuge, Coombs, BC

2014 Silent Auction

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Sep 222013

Now’s the time to donate special or heirloom items to our upcoming Silent Auction!

Please bring donations to the Thrift Shop.

Some items we already have:

  • Bicycle Built for 2
  • Antique Cradle
  • Heirloom Jewelry
  • Fine Crystal and China
  • Original Artwork

Help us make this the BEST AUCTION to date.  Winter is here and our wonderful birds need to be kept warm in their 23,000 sqft facility.


Thanks Everyone!

Bird Group


May 282012

Coombs Centennial

It was the Centennial for Coombs and French Creek this past weekend.  The celebrations were held at the French Creek School (just over the bridge after Goats on the Roof).  Many organizations had displays and it was very well attended.  Wendy, Horst and the WPR volunteers spoke to an endless line of people of all ages.  Needless to say they all fell in love with Iago and Peaches!

And…there were chickens there the local 4H club was displaying!  They had 3 black Bantam chickens free to a good home… so guess where they are now! They are just young, but it looks as if one is male and the other two are females.  They are now currently living in the old conure house at the Refuge, so they are safe from raptors.  Their names are Meeny, Miney and Mo – Mo is the rooster.  When you go to see them they come running for a cuddle – they really are very sweet.