Thank you!

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Apr 152013

A very sincere thank you to a wonderful little boy named Quinlan, who donated his birthday money to the birds! His little brother Reed had a handful of cash he donated, too.  Kids are just amazing! Thank you and Happy Birthday, Quinlan!

Jan 272013

From Wendy: “This beautiful little girl chose to have her birthday booty sent to the sanctuary to virtually adopt Bailey. The picture is of Makenna and Bailey. Bailey was so excited she painted a beautiful piece of artwork for Makenna and it will be sent out this weekend.”

Thank you Makenna, from all the parrots, for your kindness. May you have a wonderful birthday year!

Thank you!

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Jul 252012

The awesome staff: Emily, Trevor, Niki, Susan, and Melissa.

A huge happy “THANK YOU” to the great staff at Rogers Aquatic and Pet Supplies in Surrey, BC. Last year, volunteer Gary approached them to take in one of the WPR donation cans. They did, and filled it up to the brim. Literally: there was so much change in the tin by the time they were done that even a dime would no longer fit!

Thank you so much, everyone. You are all awesome!

Rogers Aquatic and Pet Supplies is located at 8160 120th Street, Surrey, BC.

Mar 202012

Credit: Shawn Pigott | Fox and Bee

How lovely! We received the following email from a recent visitor to the Refuge:

Hi there!

A few weeks ago, my family and I visited the World Parrot Refuge and had an amazing time.  We were very impressed by the generosity of spirit we saw, with people volunteering their time and energy to give the birds a better, more comfortable, and healthy life.

My husband [Shawn Pigott] is a videographer, and he’s currently doing a project called “52 Weeks”, in which he releases a new video every Wednesday for a year, set to music that he has composed and played. For this week, he used footage that he took at the World Parrot Refuge, and we wanted to share the video with you.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed visiting the Refuge.

We hope that it intrigues people, sends them to your website, and inspires them to treat animals with love and respect.

Best wishes,

Here is Kim’s blog post about their visit, and Shawn’s blog post.

We love it! Thank you so much, Kim! Many thanks to both you and your husband, for capturing the Refuge so beautifully.


Jan 242012

Huge thanks to the volunteers of the Alberta Parrot Drive 2011, who have made a wonderful donation to the World Parrot Refuge, Weary Wings Parrot Refuge, and Lenny’s Lair.

There’s also Parrot No Sunflower seeds awaiting pickup at Buckerfield’s for the WPR parrots.

Thank you all, so very much!

Jan 072012
For a 2 week period in January – 16th to 30th, Canadian recording artists Cindy O’Neil and Sora will donate 10% of net proceeds from each download purchase of their new single Wings In Flight  to The World Parrot Refuge.



Wings in Flight is a beacon of light that lifts our hearts with hope. And what makes it even more special is how it came to be. Sora and Cindy wrote Wings in Flight years ago, thinking they had forever to record it. Forever came sooner than either of them expected when Cindy realized that her voice was giving way to the harsh medication she is on. With Sora and Cindy living in two different parts of the country, it seemed Wings in Flight might fade into oblivion. In response, Sora planned a surprise like no other, a recording session for her friend and colleague. With bed tracks laid days before in a conspiracy with Cindy’s fiancé, the stage was set to give a gift unlike any other. A surprise trip to Calgary lead to the moment of a lifetime when Cindy heard and added her vocals to Wings in Flight, written so long ago for the first time in the studio.

Wings in Flight was released on December 20th, a story of faith, determination and collaboration that defies distance between two friends.

Listen to a preview of the song here: Wings In Flight

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Dec 222011

Terapeak is a Victoria-based Technology company which creates software for eBay sellers to help them sell more effectively.

Each year, Terapeak chooses charities to support, particularly those which are important to their employees, or part of the Island/BC community. This year, one of the charities that Terapeak has decided to support is us, the World Parrot Refuge!

Many Terapeak employees have visited the refuge, and a couple of employees have pet birds – such as cockatiels, maroon bellied conures, grey cheeked parakeets, and canaries. Because of this, there is a special understanding of the work that we do for the parrots.

Terapeak is sponsoring an Amazon Parrot for a year, who they’ll be naming Squawkington Flappsalot!

A huge thank you to everyone at Terapeak and to Chrissy K., who helped spearhead this wonderful sponsorship. We are truly grateful for your generous and heartfelt donation!

Nov 272011

We start our two week online fundraising event with Cranky Crow Studios today! Please help out by purchasing a card or two. They have gorgeous animal art cards – birds, cats, dogs, and wildlife!

Cranky Crow Studios will donate $1 to us for every greeting card you buy. There’s free shipping on two or more cards, and they add only the cost of the shipping if you just want one.

Their website is ; take a look at their beautiful cards see which ones are your favourites!

Nov 202011

The Calgary Parrot Club,  its members and friends are holding an “Alberta Parrot Food & Toy Drive” to help parrots/birds in need at recognized rescue and rehabilitation facilities.

All food donations must be in sealed, unopened packaging (seeds, nuts, pellets, treats). New or gently used, clean parrot/bird safe toys (if questions on acceptable toys contact one of the volunteers below). Cheques payable to the Calgary Parrot Club accepted.

Canadian Tire money accepted.

A downloadable PDF for printing may be found here.

Grande Prairie, contact Cassandra Singleton 780-978-2554

Edmonton, contact KimBerley Kern 780-438-7911

Wetaskiwin, contact Patti Deby 780-361-2157

Innisfail, contact Innisfail Auction Market, contact 403-227-3166

Airdrie/Carstairs/Cremona, contact Sandy Erwin 403-337-4082

Calgary, contact Maggie/Kevin Green 403-277-5120, Jonathan Martin 403-245-5401, Gloria Fantin 403-467-8361

High River, contact Wendy Scott 403-652-7475

Lethbridge, contact Cathy Carroll 403-328-5670

Nov 122011

Here’s lovely Reika, modeling some fabulous slippers to show you how wonderful and warm they are!

Slipper testimonial:

Hello, I just want to let you know that I received the slippers today and they are wonderful! They are very comfortable, very well made and the colors are great. Will definitely come back in the future. Thank you so much!

What a perfect Christmas gift for you, and everyone on your list! Just think: all your shopping could be done in one simple email. :0)

Quality, hand knit slippers from Cathy Carroll of The Calgary Parrot Club. Only $15/pair (plus shipping). To order your slippers, contact Gloria at

Do not be disappointed! Place your order today, as quantities are limited. All funds, minus shipping, will go to benefit the World Parrot Refuge parrots.

Thank you from the parrots and happy holidays!

 (And thank *you*, Gloria and Cathy, for such a lovely gift to the parrots.)