Meet some of the staff

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Apr 182012

Sid is the very model of the cleaning that goes on every day at the Refuge: the whole time I was there (5 hours) he was making certain that the Special Needs area was spic ‘n’ span (though he did take a break for a photo with a feathered friend). He is but one of the many dedicated folks at WPR making sure things are kept tidy for the birds. The cleaning never ends and the staff never quits!

You can see Fred mopping the Grey’s aviary, Sasha and Stephanie taking time out to give some love to the birds, Wendy sporting her new “Parrot Wig”, and Cody showing off his branch-cleaning skills (in the Conure aviary). About a dozen metal containers with tight lids housed the seeds and nuts in the kitchen (Fred shows these off), where the ever-constant laundry was being done. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which have to be cut up and prepared daily, were being distributed throughout the facility.

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Other photos from the day:

Meet the Birds

Education at the Refuge

Fashion by Coco

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Sep 092009

It sure is hard to get the dishes done

WPR staff member, Jeremy, discovers what a fashion makeover by Coco le Parrot looks like. Tres elegant, non?

Current Staff

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Nov 272008

Pictures of our staff and volunteers hard at work, with thanks to Lea Hoorn, who worked so tirelessly in our gift shop. Thanks Lea!

Sasha and cohorts!
Sasha and Esther test nut quality!
Victor, the 'tree' man!
Stefanie and mop inspector!
Fred hard at work.
Kevin hard at work.
Extraordinary volunteers Larry and Anne, consult with an expert in metal work!
Val - another of our extraordinary volunteers!

Staff Stuff

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Jun 132008

Our staff changes from time-to-time as folks come and go and move on in life. Working with free-flying flocks of parrots is a unique and often-challenging experience. Currently the Staff Supervisor is Stephanie Martin. Weekday staff includes Sasha Aubin, Fred Warnock, Robert Warnock, Kevin, Victor McLean, and on weekends, Francois, Amiee, Jeanine, and Ed Sandve. We hope to bring you more pictures and stories about our hard-working and dedicated crew soon!

One of our on-the-job benefits is having plenty of feathered “directors” watching your work. Here is a great photo of Sasha and friends representing the refuge at a local mall.

Sasha and friends

Sasha and friends

Former Staff

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Aug 142006

We couldn’t care for our hundreds of residents without the help of a dedicated team of trained staff and volunteers. In fact, staff members Corinna (the staff supervisor), David, Miranda and Jost all made the big move with the Refuge from Abbotsford to Coombs. They have all worked with the parrots for years and could not think of life without them. In their words, “working at the World Parrot Refuge is not a job – it’s a way of life”. They moved their homes and lives to continue their work with our Refuge family. That is true dedication.

Early Coombs Staff

Dedicated staff were instrumental in making the Refuge the great place it is today.