Jun 132008

We need a lot more volunteers, but the ones we have are great!

Al and Ria are the best! For the last three years they’ve been coming in FIVE nights a week to do the night feeds and meds, and they are both in their late sixties. They give money and all kinds of things that we need.

It’s the same with Val and her husband, Doug. For three years they’ve done night feeds and laundry, have donated a hot water tank, and continue to give many other donations.

Larry and Anne have also been coming in for three years. Larry does ALL the bird housing on his own. Anne comes and cleans the hospital for us.

Maxine and Mike come in and do seeds and nuts, two days every week.

Grant is great. He comes and makes movies, and helps out with the website. Branda and JP come in once a week and give goodies to the birds, and give help with anything else we might need.

We really need to let them know how much they mean to us, and the birds. They mean a lot to me and the other staff and their feathered friends because it’s hard to love so much and make all kinds of friends, and when one passes away it’s hard to let go and move on to help the next bird that needs you to be their friend.

If it wasn’t for Al, Ria, Val, Doug, Anne and Larry, and all of our volunteers, I don’t know how things would get done – they care so much!

- from Lacey Kapusta

Dixie and Friends

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Apr 082008

Dixie is popular with the parrots, as you can see. She’s one of many volunteers who help keep the refuge going. Currently, she’s planning to develop the outdoor grounds into an organic garden that would become part of the World Parrot Refuge “experience.” As well it would be a source for some of our bird’s nutritional needs. (Seven hundred parrots go through a lot of food – more on that soon).

Dixie is looking for a volunteer master gardener who would like to help her with this project … any takers out there?

Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

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Sep 112007

A work group from a church in Nanaimo came down to contribute a few hours help this past Sunday afternoon. As well as getting a good start on an outdoor flight cage for the smaller birds, they made toys, cleaned, and helped with the evening feeding. And of course they received a warm welcome from Esther and the other birds!

Framing the outdoor cage

Girls and power tools - making toys

Handfeeding the special needs birds

Esther's special welcome!

If your church, school, service club or other group would like to help us, we would be very happy to welcome you too! Please email or phone ahead so we can arrange the details with you.


Back to School

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Sep 102007

It’s September and some of our bird-keepers are returning to the school books. One such employee recently dropped in to say “bye for now” to her feathered friends.

Carley saying 'see ya later' to her new friends

If you’d like to work for the World Parrot Refuge, please check out the job information on this website. We need energetic, reliable, hard-working people who would enjoy this unique job experience.

Brad and his Dad…

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Jun 252007

Brad and Cocoa

Brad is giving Cocoa a pet…

Brad Wilson and his dad, Bill have been coming to the refuge on Friday afternoons recently to share some mutual time with a couple of parrots who appreciate the extra attention.

Volunteers who would like to spend time with the birds are always welcome, although at this time we have limited space. This should improve once the Macaw flight rooms are completed.

Bill and Kelly

While Bill gives Kelly some much appreciated “rib tickles”.

Feb 122007

The World Parrot Refuge, like all charitable organizations, is always in need of volunteer help. We have a core group of dedicated people that give many hours of their lives to help the parrots of the Refuge enjoy a better life. Some of our volunteers can only help out on occasion, some donate their time every week, and others amazingly give of themselves almost every day of the year! Without the commitment of all of these people we could not provide the amount of loving care that our residents need. Our volunteers are the soul of our organization!

In that spirit, we would like to recognize their efforts and extend special thanks to:

Al and Ria Humphrey
Val and Doug Jones
Viv and Jackie Bochek
Bob Helfrick and Marj Wicks
Anne and Larry Neil
Jim and Jill Karn
Brenda and JP
Liz Petersen
Arlene Pitt
Emily Busby
Jennifer and Micaela Cameron
Julian, Alex and Leanne Grant
Dorothy, who washes our dishes
Georgina, who makes lots of toys

We look forward to seeing you all this year and hope to make some new volunteer friends too! If you have some time and a place in your heart for the amazing parrots of the World Parrot Refuge, please visit our volunteer page to find out how you can become a part of caring for the magnificent birds of our Refuge family.

Sep 092006

When the Refuge was based in Abbotsford we always hoped for volunteers, but were far away from town and a bus route, so the chance of people coming out to work with the parrots was slim to none.

We were exceptionally lucky to have Janet and Andy Breslin and Wim Vanderbom, who never missed a day in all the years that we were in Abbotsford. They have also made visits since we have moved to Coombs, but it is rather a long way to come!

As soon as we opened the new facility in Coombs, we met people who were so thrilled with what they encountered here that they asked to volunteer in many different ways: working with the birds, cuddling the birds in the Judy Langille Wellness Centre, making toys for the birds, working to beautify the new gardens outside, or taking people on tours of the facility they love.

The first couple to offer their help were Carol and Gerard, who purchased an annual pass and then offered to be our volunteer co-ordinators. What a fantastic job they are doing! Every week we get a schedule of who is coming in and when and in which department. The volunteer program is running so smoothly.

We have a long list of current volunteers. Thank you very much, to all our special volunteers – your work is appreciated more than you’ll ever know.

Sep 092006

Janet and Andy Breslin are very special volunteers and donors.

For the three years prior to the move to Coombs, Janet and Andy volunteered every Sunday at the Refuge for 12 hours each. They literally worked until they dropped, doing everything from cleaning the special needs cages to making and hanging toys. Janet made intricate castles out of banana boxes for the week’s entertainment for the birds.

When the parrot refuge moved from the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island, we had a very difficult time managing without them. Needless to say, these dedicated people found ways to ensure that they are always a part of the parrots’ lives. They have visited on many long weekends, and worked hard from landing to take-off!

Andy, in his everyday capacity, designs and installs communication systems and video surveillance systems. In an overwhelming gesture, Andy and Janet kindly donated a video surveillance system and a public address system to the Refuge. This incredible gift makes communication across the Refuge possible. What Janet and Andy did for the refuge is no small miracle. It was always one of our biggest wishes to have a system just like this.

Again, thank you very much, Janet and Andy!

Sep 092006

Thank you to our special volunteers, who give so much of themselves to help us care for our special residents. (Please contact the webmaster if you want your name to be added to or removed from this list. Thank you.)

Basaraba, Gayle
Becraft, Kirk
Bockek, Jackie
Bockek, Vivian
Bregler, Cathy
Brewer, Sherry
Brown, Jill and Malcolm (Kim)
Buttner-Schnirer, Katya
Cameron, Jen and Micaela
Chambers, Bev
Cleasby, Don
Denney, Jordy
Egers, Debbie
Ferris, Kevin
Ferris, Nicolle
Flesh, Kelly
Gould, Lisa
Hale, Brenda
Harris, Rob
Hines, Chris
Holt, Donna
Irlam, Junine
Jestin, Debbie
John, Richard
Jones, Val
Karn, Jillian
Karn, Jim
Klingsut, Marlene and Wilf
Love, Kris
Medgyes, Imre
Montague, Jenna
Muir, Bob
Niven, Cheryl
O’Hare, Kate
O’Keefe, Shelley
Parakin, Ashley
Petersen, Liz
Petersen, Vic
Richardson, Nancy
Thibeault, Julie
Yacoboski, Troy