Sep 222013

Now’s the time to donate special or heirloom items to our upcoming Silent Auction!

Please bring donations to the Thrift Shop.

Some items we already have:

  • Bicycle Built for 2
  • Antique Cradle
  • Heirloom Jewelry
  • Fine Crystal and China
  • Original Artwork

Help us make this the BEST AUCTION to date.  Winter is here and our wonderful birds need to be kept warm in their 23,000 sqft facility.


Thanks Everyone!

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Happy Birthday, Wendy!

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Sep 062012

It was Wendy’s birthday this past weekend and to celebrate, the staff threw her a surprise party. Wendy writes of the experience:

The staff gave me a fabulous surprise birthday party yesterday.  They set up tables and ballons and tons of food in the bunny area.

I had no clue and almost didn’t notice all of it – and the people – when I went rushing in to the rabbit sanctuary with Steph and Susan to see what was going on in there – that was so very strange.  I was dreading seeing some horror show – and then they shouted SURPRISE.  Very exciting for me!

What a birthday, especially when the oncologist had just given me my life back.*  One of the volunteers – Lorne – took a slew of pictures.  I was dressed in poopy birdshirt – perfect !!!!

Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Here are some more photos of the day:

* Note: At Wendy’s latest check-up, the doctors were very pleased with how things are looking. Her liver and cervix are still clear and the lymphs are almost clear. No further treatment is necessary, because it is disappearing naturally.

Dec 082008

December brings more parrots! And increased financial needs. Wendy never turns away parrots needing a permanent home. At the World Parrot Refuge they find a loving and secure environment, where they are encouraged as much as possible, to grow into complete and healthy parrots. Wendy then hopes in faith that the funding for their upkeep will follow. Thanks! to all our supporters who see the value in what we are doing and are able to contribute in one way and another. If you would like to help, financially and otherwise, please click on the HELP tab at the top of this web page for more information. Thanks Everyone! Have a wonderful finish to the year – despite the turbulent times we’ve all been experiencing – Love goes on!

Jul 212008

As I sat down for the first time today and looked out of the window, I noticed that the flags were starting to rest too. The bright colourful rainbow fabric sails that flap so wildly during the day also needed to sleep. Sadly, resting will not help the flags to heal: the wind has shredded them this year. Maybe we should get some new ones. It seems to be such a short time since we bought them and proudly put them on display to show people where to find us. So much has happened since that week. In fact so much has happened since our last newsletter that I decided to try and pull it all together, so that others could glimpse the busy life we have here at the World Parrot Refuge.

Larry Neil, one of our special volunteers, erected all the steel piping and chain link fencing in the new Macaw House. He did an incredible job and stretched the fencing really tight. Even with cuts, bruises, and very sore hands he didn’t give up until it was finished. Thank you Larry from all of the humans here at the sanctuary. When the Macaws finally get in there, you will hear the cheers as far away as Victoria!

The newly constructed Macaw House, thanks to Larry Neil and Andy Breslin.

The newly constructed Macaw House, thanks to Larry Neil and Andy Breslin

The next step is to get trees and branches for the compounds – especially arbutus. If anyone has some that they don’t want – we will be happy to put it to good use. We have a large number of Macaws all waiting to move into the new Macaw House – but we have to build forests first. We can use fallen trees of all kinds, except cedar. Parrots need to have family roosts to call their own. Each small flock that makes up the larger flock prefers their own special home in the forest.

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Jan 142008

So far this year we have received two beautiful Fischer’s Lovebirds, an African Grey and a Green-winged Macaw.

The African Grey is named Charlie, and is the loved child of a devoted Momma who was at least 70 when she bought him as an itsy-bitsy baby, and raised him herself. She has been a regular donor, and visited the refuge to make sure that there was a place for Charlie should anything ever happen to her. Sadly, she had a stroke and was whisked off to the hospital in Vancouver. Her daughter went across to the mainland to see Mom and picked up Charlie (who is now 15 years old) and brought him right here. Poor Charlie is really suffering. He saw his beloved Momma fall to the floor and saw people carry her away. He has not seen her since, and feels lost and abandoned. I have spent 2 days talking to him and explaining about Momma. Today, he came out of his cage and started to make conversation with Coco the Umbrella cockatoo from Calgary.

(Note added Feb. 19: you can spot Charlie in the background of this video. He seems to be doing better.)

Phoenix, the Green-winged Macaw is only 9 years old, and has already come full circle from his first home to his home for life in the Refuge. I raised him from a tiny baby for a man who wanted to give Phoenix to his beloved daughter (who wanted Phoenix forever and ever). A year ago Phoenix was sold to a another couple. Phoenix, and another Grey and Amazon lived in the “Bird Room” in the basement, while the couple lived upstairs. Phoenix apparently kept climbing the stairs to “reshape” the furniture to look more like real trees in the jungle. He came here with a handsome donation to support him. He is having a blast with Charley the Military Macaw. They are very naughty little boys who walk around the floor together looking for mischief. I laughed until I almost coughed my lungs up!

- from Wendy