The World Parrot Refuge operates under the auspices of the “For the Love Of Parrots Refuge Society” as a non-profit, charitable organization. With our current flocks totalling over 900 birds, and more arriving regularly, we need your help. Monetary donations are the most flexible and useful in our daily operations. Donations go directly to the health care and feeding of the parrots, and maintenance of their habitat.

There are several ways to Virtually Adopt (Sponsor) or contribute to the care of our parrots. Rest assured that we only use online donation methods that are secure, to protect your sensitive information. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation. Please remember to let us know the name of the parrot you would like to Virtually Adopt or support, or the fundraiser or capital project you would like to contribute to.

The full Virtual Adoption of a Refuge parrot is $42/month ($500/year). However, you may contribute other amounts as suggested below, including making a one-time donation.

Using our Secure Cart – monthly contributions: Your credit card will be charged monthly with the donation amount that you select below. Should you wish to stop the sponsorship, please email us.

Please let us know which bird you would like to Virtually Adopt and then select your sponsorship level from the drop-down box:

Using our Secure Cart – one-time donations: Your credit card will be charged one-time only for the donation amount you enter in the box below:

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Thank you so very much for your support!

Using Click on the following “Donate Now” button to make a secure online monthly or one-time donation with your credit card at CanadaHelps.Org – the organization that collects donations for all registered Canadian charities.

Donate Now through!

Using PayPal: Click on the following “PayPal Donate” button to make a secure online donation with your credit card or bank account at

By cheque: Make cheques payable to F.L.O.P.R.S. and send to F.L.O.P.R.S. (For the Love Of Parrots Refuge Society), Box 456, Coombs BC, V0R 1M0.

We understand that there is a personal limit to the amount that people can donate, no matter how worthwhile the charity. There are a number of other ways you can help us to provide a “Home for Life” for previously owned pet parrots. Thank you!