A Dedication to Volunteers and Staff – Birds are Messy

For the Love Of Parrots Society (F.L.O.P.R.S) volunteers play an invaluable role in our society and the operation of the World Parrot Refuge, by ensuring the well being, comfort and safety of our resident psittacines (technical word for parrots).

Volunteers are needed in a number of key areas including yard maintenance, hospital cleaning, tour guide, bird visiting, food preparation (9-11am). Volunteers need to commit to at least one day per week on a schedule and be at least 16 years of age. All training will be provided. We will endeavour to make your time with us enjoyable, meaningful, educational and rewarding!

Volunteers will be asked to fill out a registration form, to sign a set of guidelines and to sign a release for all claims of liability.

The F.L.O.P.R.S. guidelines embody the qualities we consider essential in a volunteer. F.L.O.P.R.S volunteers:

  • Are respectful of themselves, other volunteers, staff members, and the birds.
  • Are aware of the F.L.O.P.R.S. mission statement and practices.
  • Are flexible and assist according to direction from staff. They are self-motivated and offer to assist without being asked.
  • Ask questions when in doubt and accept criticism when presented in a constructive and caring way.
  • Are punctual and notify staff in advance if unable to attend.
  • Feel free to contribute ideas and give feedback.
  • Are accountable to the staff on duty and, ultimately to the Society.
  • Understand and promote the critical importance of the safety and health of the birds.
  • Know that there are inherent risks involved with working with exotic birds in captivity, especially those that are injured or ill. Specifically, they know that parrots are very noisy, messy and can and will bite, and they take precautions as directed by staff members against personal injury or property damage.
  • Have the right to appropriate direction, education and safety measures and the obligation to avail themselves of these things, and as such they sign a liability waiver on behalf of the Society.
  • Are valued and can expect respectful treatment.

If you require further information please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I have finally visited the refuge and enjoyed the experience so much that I had a hard time leaving,,,
    I would like to help out by volunteering my time doing whatever jobs need to be done.