Virtual Adoption Sponsors


These are some of our generous sponsors who have chosen to Virtually Adopt one or more of our special psittacine residents, giving full support ($500 per year per bird) or half support ($250 per year per bird). Thank you!

Please visit our Virtual Adoption page to learn the stories of other birds in need of a sponsor.

Skipper (Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo) — Davis Neave

Athena (Blue & Gold Macaw) — A wonderful anonymous sponsor

Elliott (Moluccan Cockatoo) — Andrew Elliott

Roadey (Amazon) — Natasha and Johanna Patus

Daisy — Elizabeth McIntosh

Budgies — Sarah Crook, Nicole Habberley

Sarah — Janine Tidball

Nike (Goffins Cockatoo) — Janine Tidball

Special Needs — Earl Darlington

Special Needs — Brian and Patricia Cross

Baby Ru (Congo African Grey) — Ingrid Pedersen

Moon (Moluccan Cockatoo) — Catherine Stansfield

Buster (Congo African Grey) — Cheryl Rutherford and Chris Seath’s Wedding Guests

PD (Green-Winged Macaw) — Family Games Inc.

Chi Chi (Military Macaw) — Al and Ria Humphrey

Teko (Citron Crested Cockatoo) — Heather Clarkson

Moses (Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoo) — Heather Clarkson

Joey (Congo African Grey) — Christa Kangas

Lovebirds — Jane and Carmen Waterman

Barney (Moluccan Cockatoo) — Katherine Hough and Gordon Ingalls

Valentine — The Parmiter Family

Andy (Hyacinth Macaw) — Employees of Postal Depot #1 in Victoria

In memoriam, always loved — Ben (Blue and Gold Macaws) — Employees of Postal Depot #4 in Langford

In memoriam, always loved — Maggie (Blue and Gold Macaw) — Employees of Postal Depot #4 in Langford

Sprite (Moluccan Cockatoo) — Noel and Hughes Family

Rusty — Wendy Westover

Candy — Wendy Westover

Aurora (Moluccan Cockatoo) — Troy Dillabough

Freida (aka Fred) — Marlene Reid

Floyd (Blue Fronted Amazon) — Madeline Rainer-Tarran

Jonny (Blue and Gold Macaw) — Shela Morrison

Aurora (Moluccan Cockatoo) — Glenn Morrison

JR — Angela McKinnon

Foster (Cockatoo) — Susan Watkins

Zoey (Goffins Cockatoo) — Susan Watkins

In memoriam, always loved — Ginny (Catalina Macaw) — VI Parrotheads (Shirley Varns)

Archie — Kathleen and Walter Luscher

Meryl (Hahn’s Macaw) — David and Kathleen Pfeifle

Captain — G. Gilchrist

Snowy — G. Gilchrist

Peaches — Gwenda Garrett

Timmy — Calvin and Jocelyn Wang

Pook — Katherine Sibert

Maverick — David Chuljian

Casper — J Lynn Playter

Peaches — Talon Security Service

Peaches 2 — Gwenda Garrett

Scarletta — Ruth Newman Fahrmeier

Willie G (Cheeked Amazon) — Harry and Ruth Zogas

In memoriam, always loved — Thistle — Al and Phyllis Olson

Albert — Geeske Deboer Poker

Rico — Raynette Gerlitz

Pink Floyd — Raynette Gerlitz

Willy — R and K Bicudo

In memoriam, always loved — Maxaroo (Congo African Grey) — Angela and Glen McKinnon