About Us

Here at World Parrot Refuge I am passionate about saving these magnificent creatures and teaching the world more about them. While a parrot might just be a colorful bird to you, they are so much more to people in other areas of the world. 

With so many animals being endangered right now, it’s easy for us to forget about the birds that need us. Someone has to advocate for the creatures of the skies, too. 

That’s where I come in - Harlan Derricks, nice to meet you. I created this online resource in the hopes of educating more people about the wonders of parrots, including their species, sizes, and more. 

But I don’t just want to stop with parrots. I want to give every bird an opportunity to be marveled at and rescued by my education. If just one of my readers learned something valuable about budgies, cockatiels, or parakeets, then I’d be happy with my success. 

This all stemmed from when I learned how many birds were on the endangered list. Over 1,480 species of birds are considered endangered - and I didn’t know about any of them. I bet you didn’t know this either! 

In fact, no one I know was aware of this fact before I told them. This is exactly why I are so passionate about World Parrot Refuge, and I hope that you will be soon too.