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The World Parrot Refuge is located at:
2116 Alberni Hwy
Coombs, British Columbia
Call us at: (250) 248-5194

Write to us at:
World Parrot Refuge
Box 456
Coombs, BC
V0R 1M0

Download a Parrot Surrender Form here. Right click the link and select “Save as” to save the form to your hard drive. A filled-out form must accompany any bird you wish to surrender to the World Parrot Refuge.

Website credits:

Website design and maintenance donated by Jane Waterman from January 2006 to May 2012.

Blog posts, videography and photography donated by Cheryl Rutherford, Grant Corriveau, and Jane Waterman.

Cheryl has also done an amazing job running the WPR’s Facebook fan page and Twitter feed.

  18 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Hi,

    My son and I just visited your Center on August 11. I was enamoured and WOWed. My son who is 9 has taken an extreme liking to parrots after the movie Rio came out. I decided to visit your center and get to meet some Real McCaws. I thought I would be taking pictures, we would spend an hour and carry on along our merry way. What I wasn’t expecting was to fall in love with the Cockatoos (I think that is what they are called). Their character and and affection was unbelievable. They have forever imprinted on my heart. I could have spent an entire day there getting to know each of them and their personalities. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in taking care of these wonderful birds.

    From a ‘tourist’perspective, it would have been nice to have some form of interaction with the people that know the birds, their stories and how to or not handle them. There were a number of us that were bit with blood drawn, mosty due to total inexperience with birds. But I also know that you are mostly a volunteer facility, so understand the limits.

    Thanks again, you have allowed me to open my eyes to a whole new world that I never really knew existed.


    Krystal Oleson

  2. Have not been here since I purchased my macaw cage from Wendy some years ago but on reading here wanted to wish her the best and a full recovery.

  3. Hello my name is Timmy Malay I surrendered my severe macaw on Sept 16 2011 his name is Cocoa i know it only has been 24 hours but I am hoping and praying he is doing good at your facilities ….. he was through a lot from a hernia operation to internal warts and he had atrophy which took me 7 years of owning him for him to gain control of his feet ….. the toys in his cage are his favorite including that small green chew toy that is in a shape of a ball ……. he speaks when he gets use to you he says night night when you turn out the lights he will say his name and he will say hello ………..
    I barely slept last night thinking that i failed him in some way , he was like a child to me because i have no kids and he was with me through thick and thin of my life he always said hi to me and made me feel so happy knowing he would talk to me when i felt down ..
    He is very afraid of new things and he will bathe in his water bowl but is very scared of people spraying him with water …… I do believe he was wild caught when he was a baby …. he is a great personality and he loves attention ….. and he loves all fruit and nuts his regular food like nuts he will only eat natural seeds nothing seasoned of flavored .
    I miss him so much but i know he is in a great place with you for the rest of his life ….. please get back to me and tell me how he is doing …… if you are having a problem with him let me know and i will come up and help you with him …. please watch him that he doesnt start plucking he will do that if he gets stressed out …. i wish him all the best and i want to come up to see him but i know i should allow him to get use to his new environment my phone number is 250-294-2223 i look forward in hearing some communication about Cocoa soon ……
    Thank you for your help ….. Timmy

  4. Hello I am wondering how Cocoa is he is a severe macaw I dropped him off about a month ago …. I hope he isnt plucking and he is settling in to his new home …. He is on my mind everyday and i am praying he is doing great …… i look forward in hearing from you thank you for everything

    • Hi Timmy, I hope the WPR has been able to keep you up to date on Cocoa. I know I used to email Wendy and she could give me information on my Mom’s amazon. Due to Wendy’s fight, I don’t bother right now. You can join them on facebook and sometimes when people go, they will ask if people want pics and can update you. Maybe Cheryl can give you a hand on FB. As well, I know that they have to spend a lot of time seeking funding due to Gov’t of BC removing theirs. I feel for ya buddy as, I have CAG that will be 19 this year and has been through a huge amount with me. All the best!! I’ll be praying that Cocoa has found a flock to be a member of.

  5. Hello,

    I am wondering how Keiko the Moluccan Cockatoo is. I haven’t heard anything about her since I’ve given her up. I’ve meant to come to Nanaimo to visit her but It hasn’t worked out!

    If anyone knows her and how she is doing let me know!

    Thank you so much for your generous care, i think about her daily and it makes me happy to know she’s in good care.

    • Hi Lawrence, please look at my posting for Timmy about a possible way of getting an update.

  6. Hi,

    I was wondering if Darwin the Moluccan Cockatoo is doing any of the paintings. I would love to buy one of his.

  7. I thinking about moving to Maple Ridge B.C. I have a 10 year old blue/gold. Wonder how I can move my special little girl in a safe matter.. Can anyone help me out. PLEASE ? Dean

  8. Hello,

    I have I closed big bag and half a big bag of parrot food I no longer need. It is Zupreem Fruit blend for medium birds. If your interested in having it I’m willing to come drop it off and donate it for your parrots. Let me know. Thanks.

    • Hi Tiffany,
      We very much appreciate any donations of food for the birds. If you still have your fruit blend please feel free to drop it off at our Thrift Shop.

      Thank You So Much – from all the Birds!

  9. I remember visiting your wonderful facility many years ago with my two young sons. I personally was in my glory,and almost dragged out as I really did not want to leave. It warms my heart in so many ways to know there are some people out there that feel the way I do about these beautiful little beings. I have my own Umbrella Cockatoo he is now 19 and could not imagine my life without him. I am right now getting ready to move back to the island from Ont.and cannot wait to visit again maybe even have the privilege of working for my feathered friends. I have mucked horse stalls in the past ,hard work ,but the payoff of working with the horses was to say the least amazing. Thank You for taking such good care of all those sweet creatures!

  10. Visited your facility and was happy that our feathered friends are well cared for and have new home for life.

  11. Hi……
    I have been asked to look after a parrot for a couple of weeks…..
    And need to know what is a appropriate daily charge for taking care of the
    bird in my place?
    If you can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it and any advice
    you can give me.

  12. This is an amazing facility for parrots a much needs hug is given to wendy and her team on the fantastic job they do of caring for all these birds.

    Anyone reading and looking to surrender their parrot, I can assure you this is the place to consider.

    Regards to all staff and parrots.

    Jordan Tyer.

  13. I have 2 birds, a touis celeste and a touis catherine. I can no longer take care of them. I live in Montreal and I was very impressed by your installations.

    I was wondering if its possible for you to take them and what are the costs. Could we send them by air if you would accept to take them?

    I don’t want to sell them because I know they will end up in another family that will sell them again after few years.

    I hope you can help us. The touis celest was in a family that mistreated him. When we got him he was puling off all his fethers. We have him since 2 years and all his feathers came back. He still is scared of our hands but come on our shoulders. I really don’t want him to change family again and again. I really hope you can help us.

    Best regards,

    Helene Major

  14. Hi, I’ve visited the refuge a few times since August 2013 and so far, I’ve managed to get up to volunteer just once. I live in Victoria and I’m a full time student, so finding time to volunteer doesn’t always work, although I plan to come up at least one Saturday a month. The last few times I was there I took some video footage and put together a little montage. Here is the link.

    I look forward to the next time I can come volunteer and spend time with these wonderful birds :)

  15. Hi. I am MOM to 6 parrots and 1 homing pigeon, and when my son was in BC he visited your place and really enjoyed it. He was saying something about possibly me being or forming a satellite “office” I live in Northern Ontario and am known as the crazy bird lady. I have an African Grey who had 10 owners before he came here which is his final and forever home. He was badly abused by 9 of the 10 owners, and it took me a good 5 years to get him calmed and tamed down and he is now MOMMAS SWEETHEART and has been for 8 years as he has been here for 13 years. I do admit I don’t know everything about parrots, but do know how to give them a forever and loving home. So could you send me some information on what it was that Bryan was talking about???? Or am I right out to lunch?????? LOL. Thanking you in advance. Barbara Smith