Ultimate Parrot Taming Guide for 2022

Parrots are some of the most vibrant and colorful pet birds. If you’ve added a parrot to your aviary, or simply want a loving pet, these clever animals would make for an excellent choice. However, if you have not purchased or adopted an already tame bird, there’s a high chance of it displaying unwanted behaviors that may not be suitable, especially if you have kids around. 

How to Clean Bird Cage

Do you like to take care of avian pets in your house? Having a pet bird can be a lot of fun; however, as a bird owner, you have some responsibilities. One of the the most important tasks you do as a bird owner is cleaning and maintaining your bird’s cage. So, how do you clean bird cages? 

The 5 Best Parrot Cages – A Proper Guide

Parrots are creatures meant to fly in the open air and reside inside lush trees. Your pet parrot might be your best friend, but their life could be very miserable if they are not provided with clean surroundings. As such, it is your responsibility to provide them with good living conditions, and one of the best parrot cages out there can definitely help with that. 

Taking Care of a Yellow Headed Parrot: A Complete Guide

Did you know that the yellow-headed amazon parrot is officially classified as an endangered amazon species of parrots in Mexico and northern Central America? The yellow headed parrot is also known as the Amazona oratrix or  the double yellow-headed amazon. Originally found in Trinidad, Central and South America and Panama, they were given their name …

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