15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (With Pictures)

The Parrot family is one of the most diverse, colorful, and interesting in the entirety of the animal kingdom. The word ‘Parrot’ actually encompasses a lot of different kinds of birds, and with so many to choose from you might be interested in the different sizes of parrots.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures)

We generally know a lot about the larger species of parrot – for example, the Scarlet Macaw, traditionally tied to pirates – but not so much about the smaller species.

What are some different types of small parrots? Have you ever wondered? If you find yourself wanting to know more about different kinds of small parrots, you have come to the right place!

This article has been created to give you an extensive list of the 15 types of small parrots you might find on planet earth.

They are in no particular order, and we have added a lot of information to help you understand what makes each species of parrot unique and important!

We have also included a Frequently Asked Question section that will help define some of the more complex terminology on this list, as well as any other questions you might have leftover by the end! 

So let’s get to it – here are 15 of the most interesting species of small parrots in the world! 

What Is A Parrot?

Before we start our list, it is important to define what a parrot is. Because of the diverse nature of this animal group, they can be easily confused with different species.

So before we go into the details of all these different types of small parrot, we need to make sure we are clear on exactly what a parrot is!

A parrot is a member of the Psittacidae family. It is a type of songbird that lives in tropical regions around the globe. There are approximately 1,000 different species of parrot, which means there are thousands of individual parrots living on Earth today.

These birds are very intelligent and social creatures and often live in groups called flocks or colonies. Some of them even form long-lasting relationships with humans and can be kept as pets.

The term ‘parrot’ comes from the Greek word ‘Parrhos’, meaning ‘a companion’. The first recorded use of the word was in Ancient Greece, where people would refer to their pet birds as ‘parrhōs’.

Over time, the name evolved to mean ‘companion bird’, and eventually became synonymous with the modern definition of a parrot.

The Parrot Family Tree:

It is important to note that parrots aren’t just a single species. Instead, they belong to a large family called the Psittaciformes. This includes two subfamilies within the Psittacidae: the Psittacinae and Cacatuidae. Both of these families contain hundreds of different species of parrots.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (1)

In short, we know these subfamilies as cockatoos, macaws, conures, lovebirds, lorikeets, and budgies. However, there are still many different species of parrots out there that don’t fall under either of those categories.

For example, the Amazonian Yellow-headed Amazon is a parrot belonging to the Cacatuidae family, but it isn’t classified as a cockatoo because its head doesn’t look like a typical cockatoo.

There are also many different species of birds that don’t fit into the traditional definitions of parrots at all. For example, the Budgerigar belongs to the Passeriformes order, which contains many different types of birds.

But it is still considered a parrot because it falls under the category of psittacine birds.

This is why when we talk about small parrots, we mean small parrots. The smallest known parrot is the Pycnonotus jocosus, which only weighs 0.5 grams. That is less than half the weight of a housefly!

15 Types Of Small Parrot 

Now let’s take a look at the 15 types of small parrots. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all small parrots in the world, just a list of some of the most interesting, beautiful, and impressive we could find! 

1) Blue And Gold Macaw

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures)

Blue and gold macaws are one of the most popular types of small parrots available for purchase. They are native to South America and can be found in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Their beautiful plumage is made up of blue feathers on top of golden yellow ones, giving them an overall appearance of bright green color.

2) African Gray Parrot

African grays are another popular choice among small parrot owners. They are native to Africa and can be found across the continent.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (1)

They are highly intelligent birds, and often learn multiple languages in addition to English. As such, they are great companions for anyone who wants to learn new things.

3) Red-Crowned Lorikeet

Red-crowned lorikeets are one of the smaller varieties of parrot you can get as a pet. They come in a variety of colors including red, orange, pink, brown, and gray.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (2)

Lorikeets have a long tail that looks similar to a human’s finger, and they make loud calls while singing. They are native to Australia and New Guinea.

4) Budgie

Budgies are a relatively new breed of parrot, originating in England.

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They were originally bred for their ability to mimic human speech, and this has led to them being used by psychologists and psychiatrists for research purposes.

5) Cockatiel

A cockatiel is a small parakeet that originated from Australia. They are very friendly birds, making them perfect pets for people with children or animals.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures)

Cockatiels make great companion birds due to their cheerful personalities and lighthearted natures. They are not too big, so they are easy to care for. Cockatiels can be identified by their black bodies, white faces, and large crests.

6) Lovebird

Lovebirds are a type of parrot that originated in Africa. They are very social birds, and they tend to live in flocks outside of the wild.

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These birds are extremely friendly towards humans, and they will even allow you to hold them. There are many different varieties of lovebirds, including the rainbow lovebird, which comes in various hues of purple, blue, orange, yellow, white, and black.

7) Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus parrots are large parrots that originate from Australia. They weigh around two pounds, and they grow to be approximately four feet tall.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (7)

They usually have a green head, neck, back, and wings, along with a bluish-purple body. Eclectus parrots are intelligent birds, and they speak over 20 different words.

8) Amazona Amazonica

The Amazon parrot is a group of several different parrot species that are native to Central and South America. They range in size from 4.7 inches to 6.9 inches, and some weigh as much as 2.25 lbs.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (8)

They are mostly green in color with a few variations, but they are also blue, tan, and gray. This makes it hard to pin down exactly what kind of bird you’re getting at any given store since there are so many variations.

9) Henslow’s Macaw

Henslow’s macaws are one of the largest parrot species in terms of average weight, weighing about 7.5lbs. They are native to northern South America, specifically Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (9)

Macaws are known to be quite intelligent, and they maintain large vocabularies, especially when compared to other parrots.

10) Green Cheek Conure

The conure family consists of medium-sized parrots with a length of between 5.5″ and 8″, and they weigh anywhere between 0.5 and 1.75kg.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (10)

Their plumage varies greatly depending on the specific bird, but they all go through an adult molt every year. Most conures are fairly gentle, though sometimes they can become aggressive if they feel threatened or intimidated.

11) Blue And Gold Macaw

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (11)

Blue and gold macaws are both members of the psittacine genus Psittacus. The blue macaw gets its name from the dark blue feathers found around the eyes while the gold macaw gets its name because of its golden facial skin.

12) Red Breasted Conure

Red-breasted conures are one of the smallest parrot species, measuring only 3.3 inches in height. However, that doesn’t mean these little guys don’t pack a punch.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (12)

Although they are incredibly tiny, red-breasted conures are still capable of flying, and they thrive well in captivity.

13) Lory

Lories are another small parrot breed that is native to Southeast Asia. They were originally domesticated by the natives in India before being taken into captivity by European colonizers.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (13)

The lories make ideal companions for those who enjoy avian wildlife. These can be recognized by their long tails, beautiful plumage, and melodic songs.

14) Budgerigar

Budgerigars are small parrots that originated in Australia. They are very playful, mischievous, and entertaining. Budgerigars are often kept as cage birds where they can fly around, perch on things, and interact with their owner so that they don’t get bored.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (14)

You can generally recognize a Budgerigar with its yellow, black, and orange-colored feathers.

15 ) Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus are one of the larger parrot species, and they are also very friendly and sociable. These parrots come in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, brown, black, white, pink, and purple.

15 Different Types Of Small Parrots (with pictures) (15)

Eclectus are some of the most popular pet birds among owners, and they are used in aviculture due to their unique personalities and behaviors.

What Is The Smallest Parrot?

The smallest parrot in the world is the Buff-faced Pygmy parrot, which weighs only about 2 grams (0.07 oz) and can be found in the forests of New Guinea.

The smallest parrot in the World is the Buff-faced pygmy parrot. It’s a small bird that lives in the rainforests of New Guinea. This tiny bird weighs 0.07 ounces or less.

It’s also known as the “Pygmy Parrot” because it looks like a miniature version of its larger relatives. Its head is smaller than most other parrots, with a rounded face and a long pointed bill. Its body is covered in feathers, except for its chest, belly, and tail.

This bird has a very short lifespan – usually just one year. But they are quite hardy birds, living in trees all day and sleeping at night. They eat insects, fruit, nectar, and seeds.

They have been observed to live up to 25 years.

Are Parrots Intelligent? 

When we think of parrots, we usually imagine them being cute and friendly animals. After all, they are one of the most popular types of pet in the entire world. But while they may seem like cuddly companions, parrots have a very high intelligence level.

They can learn how to speak human languages, and they can even imitate sounds and songs. In addition, parrots are extremely social creatures, and they live together in groups called colonies.

It is because of this that parrots are often kept as pets because they are friendly and interesting.

But that said, caring for a parrot can be difficult and time-consuming because they require a lot of attention. For starters, they need proper nutrition, regular exercise, mental stimulation, and plenty of love and affection.

Some parrots are so intelligent that they have been trained to perform certain tasks. One example of this is the African Gray Parrot, which was used to help test the limits of human speech.

African Grays are famous for being one of the smartest parrots in existence. They are highly intelligent birds, and they are also extremely social. As a result, they are perfect for anyone looking for an intelligent companion animal.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! That is an extensive list of the 15 types of Small Parrot you might find out there in the big wide world!

Although we tend to just think of large, colorful birds when we think of parrots, there is a diverse and incredibly large amount of them that you can find in the wild and as pets. 

We hope that this guide has given you some knowledge about all the different kinds of parrots out there and that you now have some fun facts at your disposal when talking to people about parrots.

Below is a Frequently Asked Questions section that will help you understand any additional questions you might have leftover! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Get your last-minute questions answered here!

What Parrots Are There In North America?

There are many different varieties of parrots native to North America, but the two main ones are Psittacines and Cacatores.

Psittacine Parrots

These parrots belong to the order Psittaciformes. They include the macaws, cockatoos, lorikeets, and parakeets.

Cacciatore Parrots

These parrot species belong to the order Passeriformes. They include doves, finches, sparrows, and thrushes.

What Parrots Have Black Wings? 

Black wings on a parrot are a sign of a juvenile bird. These black spots are not permanent, however. As the bird matures, these spots fade away.

What Is The Largest Parrot In The World? 

The largest parrot in the world is Hyacinth Macaw. They can grow up to 14 inches tall, weigh up to 6 pounds, and live up to 40 years old.

How Long Do Parrots Live For? 

Most parrots live between 10 and 20 years. Some can reach 40 years old. The life span of parrots is determined by their diet, genetics, health status, and environmental conditions.

Do Parrots Eat Insects? 

Parrots are omnivorous, meaning that they eat both plants and meat. Most parrots prefer fruits, nuts, berries, and vegetables. However, they will also eat bugs, worms, seeds, and other small animals.

How Do I Know If A Bird Is An Adult Or Juvenile? 

Adult parrots have fully developed wings. Juveniles have partially grown wings. You can tell based on their size.

Why Do Some Birds Have Red Eyes And Others Green? 

Some birds have red eyes, and others are green. Most parrots have yellow or orange-colored eyes. This coloration helps them blend into their surroundings better.

Which Parrot Has The Longest Beak? 

The longest beak belongs to the Amazonian Conure. It measures 5 inches from tip to tip. The next closest beaks measure 4.5 inches.

Do All Parrots Eat Fruit? 

Parrots are omnivorous. They eat both plant matter and animal matter.

Can Parrots Fly? 

Yes, parrots can fly. However, they cannot use their wings to take flight. Instead, they flap their tail feathers.

Where Can I Find Parrots?

You can find parrots in zoos, aviaries, private homes, and other places where they are allowed.

Is It Possible To Train Parrots?

Yes, it is possible to train parrots to perform tricks and behaviors.

Do Parrots Make Good Pets?

Parrots make good pets for children who are learning how to care for an animal. They are very intelligent, curious, and friendly.

Are Parrots Dangerous?

Generally, parrots are not that dangerous. They are docile and like to play with humans. However, no animal is completely free from the risk of danger, so always be careful when approaching a parrot you don’t know.

They have claws and beaks that can hurt you if you’re not careful!

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