What Do Dreams About Parrots Mean?

Parrots are highly intelligent birds that can be easily identified by their bright and vibrant colorful feathers.

You may have had a dream in which a parrot appeared and wonder what it means. In this guide, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about parrots appearing in dreams and what it means depending on what kind of parrot was in your dream, how many parrots there were, and what the parrot is doing among other things. 

Martinique Macaw

It is important to note that the meaning of the parrot can vary depending on the person, so there may be a vague meaning or there can be a deeper meaning.

Parrots are often synonymous with gossiping due to their ability to mimic what has been said. Specific species of parrot can also indicate the meaning as green parrots are a symbol of childhood, while blue parrots are a symbol of sadness. 

When reflecting on your dream, it’s important to try to remember as many details as possible. The more you can remember about the parrot, the more accurate the interpretation will be. 

Parrot Symbolism

When it comes to parrot symbolism, there is a multitude of possibilities meaning that what the parrot represents in your dream may be different from someone else’s interpretation and meaning. Before you delve into the symbolism of the parrot, it’s important to think about the following criteria, which will help you decipher what the parrot symbolizes:

  • Whether the dream was a fantasy or a nightmare.
  • How you feel after you had the dream.
  • What the parrot was doing throughout the dream.
  • What kind of parrot was in the dream.
  • What your reaction toward the parrot was.
  • Your attitude towards parrots in the real world.
  • Your own background, culture, or religion.

Once you have thought these factors through, you’ll be able to figure out what the parrot in your dream meant. Here are just a few examples of what the parrot could symbolize:

  • Parrots can have positive meanings such as flying, freedom, and traveling.
  • Negative interpretations include gossiping or mimicking.
  • A fear of parrots in the real world can translate to anxieties about the future when they appear in your dream. 
  • Cultural or religious connotations may also play a part.

Parrots are also known for symbolizing repressed feelings according to theories posed by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. 

Types of parrots

Now that you have an idea of what parrots symbolize, it’s time to delve into how the type of parrot can change the interpretation of the dream. Here are just a few examples of different kinds of parrots and what they symbolize:

Blue parrots

Firstly, blue parrots are among the most popular parrots and therefore more likely to appear in your dream. Blue parrots tend to symbolize sadness due to their blue color and have other negative connotations including rumors. Since parrots are related to gossiping and mimicking, the blue parrot is often referred to as a symbol of gossip. 

So what does this mean? If you are dreaming about a blue parrot, it could mean that someone you know is saying harmful things about you that can result in sadness, or that someone is starting a rumor about you. 

Colorful parrots

Next, colorful parrots boast an array of vibrant and energetic colors which gives it a rich and luxurious connotation. If you find that your dream is filled with colorful parrots, it can mean that you put too much value into materialistic things or that you are too obsessed and focused on how you look. 

Rather than look at this as an attack on your own values, think of it as an opportunity to reevaluate certain areas of your life and how you value your family and friends. Try to place more emphasis on life experiences, your hobbies, interests, and your personality. 

Colorful parrots don’t necessarily mean that these negative connotations are related to you as it could be a warning that someone close to you is displaying these negative materialistic traits or is showcasing an obnoxious personality. Therefore, think about who you spend your time with and if there have been any changes in behavior from yourself or those around you. 

If you are concerned about a dream you have had concerning a colorful parrot, you can use it as a way to alter your personality if you find that you have been acting problematic or asking those who you love and trust the most for their honest opinions. 

Green parrots

Green parrots are usually related to childhood memories so if you find that you have been dreaming of them, it could be related to any unresolved trauma or emotion that has been suppressed over the years. Therefore, it’s important to really think of the specific details in the dream, such as:

  • The background of the dream.
  • The green parrot’s location.
  • What else happened in the dream.

This isn’t the only meaning that green parrots have as they can also symbolize that someone close to you is trying to communicate and that they may be struggling to get the message across. 

The actions of the green parrot are essential to consider as you want to make sure that your interpretation is as accurate as possible. 

How Many parrots

The type of parrot is not the only important thing to think about as you will need to consider how many parrots have appeared in your dream, especially if it is more than one. 

Two parrots

If you dream about a pair of any animal, it is typically symbolic of partnership and balance. Specifically, dreaming about a pair of parrots will usually relate to your spouse or partner.

Therefore, you should always try to pay close attention to how the parrots interact and what they are doing. This is because it can symbolize what your relationship is like in reality. 

Martinique Macaw

For those who believe in power numbers, the number two is often regarded as a number of strengths.

This can be taken in both a positive or negative way as the parrots may be coming together to work positively as a team, or they could be coming together to spread gossip and rumors.

Many parrots

You may find that your dream is filled with many parrots. Unfortunately, dreaming about a lot of parrots tends to veer towards negativity as it can symbolize that there is gossip or a rumor spreading about you. It could also symbolize your own insecurity, especially if you are going through a tough time.

If you find that you have dreamed about a lot of parrots, think about how you feel in real life and any areas of your life that need improvement or could use some positive reinforcement.

Recurring Dreams About Parrots

You may find that you are having recurring dreams involving parrots. Whether it is a different dream or the same events happening every time, there are certain things you should consider if you want to find out what the dreams mean. Always look into:

  • How many parrots are in the dream
  • The parrot’s appearance 
  • The parrot’s color

Thinking about these details is the best way to figure out the most accurate interpretation. 

Thinking about how you interact with the parrots is also an essential part of the interpretation as your own emotions can feed into what the parrots symbolize.

Therefore, take note of anything that you do for the parrot in the dream as well as what the parrot does for you. This can indicate whether the parrot has positive or negative connotations as well as the feelings and emotions you have following the dream. 

What Happens In The Dream?

Once you have considered what kind of parrot has appeared in your dream, you need to think about what actually happens in the dream.

This is the main indicator of what the parrot symbolizes as the actions and events in the dream can alter the meaning immediately.

Not only does this relate to the parrot’s actions, but this also relates to your own behavior towards the parrot and how this contributes to the overall dream. Here are some of the most common events that happen in dreams where parrots appear:

Attacking Parrot

If you have been attacked by a parrot in your dream, it could be symbolic that you have felt betrayed or attacked by someone close to you in real life. This could relate to:

  • Bullying behavior
  • Dishonesty
  • Gossiping

Think about whether someone you trust has hurt or betrayed you as the dream could be a recreation of this broken trust. The more parrots there are in the dream, the more attacked you are likely feelings, especially if you have been hurt by others’ actions or words. 

Equally, being attacked by a parrot could be symbolic of your own frustration or anger towards those around you, especially if you have been mistreated in any way. This could be towards someone who has lied to you or betrayed you, or perhaps you are being bullied and feel as though there isn’t anything you can do about it. 

Having a dream like this can often leave you feeling sad or deflated, but use it to reevaluate your life and think about the relationships you have with those around you. 

Catching a Parrot

You may have caught a parrot in your dream and be feeling confused as to what this means. However, catching a parrot in a dream usually means that you have figured out that someone has been gossiping or spreading a rumor about you, and you have been able to put a stop to it.

This can give you a feeling of accomplishment as you have been able to quash any betrayal or mistrust and are in a position where you have the power to forgive the person or cut them from your life completely.

Other interpretations for catching a parrot could relate to meeting someone new or that you will meet someone significant soon. Therefore, you should keep an eye out for any chance encounters that you have when you are out and about. 

Feeding a Parrot

If you feed a parrot in your dream, you may think that this is a symbol of nurturing and maturity. However, because parrots are symbolic of rumors and gossip, it can actually have negative connotations that you are spreading rumors and gossip and “feeding” into it spreading.  

It could also relate to you telling someone you trust secrets and then that person spreading those secrets behind your back. 

If you have a positive encounter with the parrot in your dream and are feeling good following the dream, it could be interpreted that something good is going to happen to you or someone close to you.

It could also be symbolic that you will meet a new love interest or improve a relationship with someone already in your life. 

Killing a Parrot

If you have been feeling angry about something and have built up a lot of frustration, this can seep into your dreams with drastic events occurring.

You may find that you killed a parrot in your dream and are confused as to what it means. Usually, killing a parrot in a dream is an indicator that there is an issue in your life that needs to be confronted as soon as possible as you have a lot of pent-up anger. 

This issue can be related to any area of your life whether it is something personal such as relationships with others or perhaps you have found concerns within your professional life at work and are struggling to deal with this problem. 

For those who actually own a parrot as a pet, is the parrot that you killed in your dream your parrot? If so, this could be an indicator that the concern in your life relates to someone close to you or could equally be a subconscious fear of your pet dying. 

Talking Parrot

One of the more bizarre events is that you encounter a talking parrot in your dream. Naturally, parrots repeat and mimic what they have heard people say, but when it comes to a talking parrot in a dream, this typically relates to insecurities that you may be feeling such as any internal concerns or doubts as well as a warning that other people are not to be trusted with any secrets that you may have.

Take note of what the parrot is actually saying as if they speak about a specific person, then the parrot is representative of that person or could be communicating a message or warning relating to that person. 

The parrot may be repeating a phrase or word. If this is the case, then pay attention to what the parrot is saying and how they are saying it. This is because they may be trying to warn you about behavioral changes that you are copying from others or perhaps about a bad habit that you can’t get rid of. 

Lastly, it could be a reference to someone who you find is constantly criticizing or nagging you to the point where you have internalized their remarks, and it has appeared in your dreams. 

Talking Parrot That You Can’t Understand

An even more bizarre dream is when you encounter a talking parrot that you can’t understand. This tends to relate to an issue that is occurring in your life that you may either be ignoring or not understanding for a particular reason. 

Other reasons for this kind of dream include:

  • Someone in your life is trying to communicate something important to you, but you are not paying attention to what they are saying. 
  • You are trying to speak, but are unable to fully article how you feel.
  • You feel as though everything you are saying is either being ignored or unheard.

Therefore, if you find that you can’t understand what the parrot in your dream is saying, then it is something to do with either how you are communicating with others or how others are communicating with you. Try to work out what areas of your life could use some work and improve your communication with those around you. 

Other Dreams About Parrots

You may find that your parrot dream ventures into weird and strange territory, leaving you disturbed and unsettled on reflection. Here are some of the most common odd dreams about parrots that you may have had.

Dead Parrots

You may have dreamed about a dead parrot and feel concerned as to what this can mean. Dreaming about dead parrots tends to be symbolic of the end of a friendship or relationship or that the end of this relationship is coming soon. Equally, it could be your subconscious bringing up thoughts that you want to end a friendship or relationship. 

Therefore, think about what is going on in your life and your relationships and friendships with people. Is there someone you feel you would be better off without? 

Dying Parrots

If you have a pet parrot, you may have had a dream in which it dies and feels naturally disturbed or upset the following day.

When dreaming of any animal dying, it tends to represent anxiety or fear of death occurring in our actual lives. Here are just a few reasons why you may be worried about your pet parrot:

  • You have left your parrot with a pet sitter and may be worrying about how it is coping away from you.
  • You may be feeling that you haven’t spent enough time with your parrot lately and are concerned that you have become neglectful.
  • You may be planning a short trip away and are worried about being away from your parrot temporarily. 

It is natural for pet owners to have dreams like this, but it’s important to reassure yourself that your pet will be in safe hands and that you do care for your pet. 

Religious Meanings

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, one of the contributing factors to a parrot’s symbolism in dreams is religion.

This is because religion helps to define one’s outlook in life and therefore this has the power to influence how certain animals or objects are perceived according to the belief. 

Parrots hold different symbolic meanings when it comes to different religions. In Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam, there are varying interpretations of how the parrot is perceived. If you fall under one of these faiths, then this can determine what a parrot’s presence in your dream means. 


Parrots have numerous meanings within Christianity, although they aren’t strictly mentioned in the Bible. However, birds are mentioned throughout the religion and therefore parrots can be classed under this umbrella.

Some birds are viewed more favorably than others such as the dove which is viewed as a symbol of peace whereas birds like ravens are viewed as a symbol of insolence. 

Due to their mimicking nature, parrots are seen as a symbol of gossip and therefore are not looked upon favorably among Christians. Therefore, if you are a Christian and dream about a parrot, it can mean that:

  • Someone close to you has been gossiping
  • You are gossiping
  • You may be concerned that there are rumors spreading about you

Make sure that you think about your own behavior as well as the behavior of those around you to determine whether any gossip or rumors have been spreading. 


When it comes to Hinduism, a parrot can have positive or negative connotations depending on what it is doing.

This is because a flying bird equates to bad luck in Hinduism whereas parrots themselves are often regarded as a good omen as a parrot can be found on the shoulder of Goddess Madurai Meenakshi. 

In the Indian story, A Flowering Tree And Other Oral Tales from India, a parrot is regarded as a good symbol that represents beauty. 


Parrots can hold a lot of significance in Islam, especially if they appear in your dreams. Due to their colorful appearance and exotic nature.

There are many meanings that parrots can represent including negative connotations such as slave traders, liars, or arrogant men. 

There are also some positive symbols that the parrot is related to including attractive foreign women because parrots are seen as exotic and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Parrot Mean Spiritually?

Spiritually, parrots are representative of enduring love and devotion thanks to their long life and high intelligence.

Although there are negative connotations associated with parrots due to their mimicking nature, there are plenty of wonderful attributes that these beautiful birds have.

Some people even have images of parrots on their roof as it is believed to encourage positive Chi. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Birds In Your Dream?

When it comes to dreaming about birds, the meaning depends on what kind of bird appears; however, a general rule of thumb is that birds are symbolic of flying free and aspirations.

When it comes to parrots, there are times when they can be symbolic of rumors or gossip, but there is always something positive to be drawn from their presence in your dreams as it gives you the opportunity to look into areas of your life that can use some improvement, meaning that you can work on yourself to better your relationship with those around you. 

Are Parrots Good Luck?

In some cultures, parrots are considered to be a symbol of good luck, and owning one is believed to bring good things to your life. Parrots are great pets to have thanks to their long life and high intelligence. 

What Does A Parrot Symbolize In Dreams?

If you dream about a parrot, there are many positive meanings that you can draw from their presence including friendliness, joy, and sociability.

However, there are some negative representations that you should be aware of due to their mimicking nature which means that they are often associated with spreading rumors and gossip.

This could either relate to being around people who love to spread gossip and rumors, or perhaps you are the one engaging in this behavior. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Colorful Birds?

If you dream about colorful birds such as parrots, it tends to represent happiness and luxury.

This will mean that something positive is going to happen in your life soon which is great if you have been going through a tough period of time.

Colorful birds are also typically used as a symbol of marriage so dreaming about a colorful bird can be an indicator that someone you know is going to announce their engagement soon, or perhaps you will be engaged yourself.


In conclusion, dreaming about parrots has both positive and negative connotations, but taking note of the specific details in the dream will help you to determine whether the dream you had has a good or bad interpretation.

Always remember to consider what kind of parrot has appeared in your dream, how many parrots are in the dream, and what actually happens in the dream.

This will help you come to the most accurate conclusion and figure out what your dream actually means. 

Harlan Derricks