All About Bee Bee Parrots

Bee Bee parrots are rarely kept as pets. However, this doesn’t stop them from being one of the more interesting birds out there on this planet. They are often misunderstood and deserve much more attention than they get, which is where we come in!

All About Bee Bee Parrots

This guide is going to explain everything you need to know about the Bee Bee Parrot and why they are such amazing birds.

In this article, you will learn about some of the most interesting Bee Bee Parrot characteristics and facts, so that you will finally be able to understand what makes them so special. Let’s get right to it!

The History Of The Bee Bee Parrots

Parrots of the Bee Bee species inhabit southwestern Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, eastern Ecuador, and northeastern Peru.

Forest edges are their preferred habitat, however, they have been known to take advantage of farms and cut-over areas when the opportunity presents itself.

A pair or flock of 30 birds may go about the forest, and sometimes the birds nest together in arboreal termite nests.

Bee Bee Parrots are unique in that they consume a wide array of nutrients, and they rear their chicks mostly on fruit, which is not always taken into consideration by people keeping them for companionship.

That said, these birds can live off grain alone, but in order to maintain their wellness and reproductive capacity, we must provide some variety in their diets.

Life Of A Bee Bee Parrot

Bee Bees are social and often live in colonies. In the wild, Bee Bees live for about ten years. In captivity, as long as they’re well cared for and get that nice, varied diet we just spoke of, they live for fifteen years.

Their lifespan is longer in captivity because of the specialized treatment given to them. In the wild, there are predators, shortages of food, and extreme weather to deal with, but in captivity, these issues don’t apply, allowing the home-dwelling Bee Bee a chance to live a long and peaceful life.

Bee Bees are beautiful and highly social parrots that love to eat fruits. They live in groups of up to thirty individuals. In captivity, they prefer to be kept in pairs or flocks.

Although their varied diet sounds like a tough thing to cater for, it actually makes them very easy to take care of, as they’ll essentially take whatever you have to offer.

Bee Bees are very intelligent birds and, much like other parrots, can learn to talk within a few months. They have also been known to communicate with humans using sign language. If you want to keep Bee Bee parrots as pets, make sure your home has plenty of space for them.

The Bee Bee Parrot Colors

Bee Bee parrots mainly have pale green plumage, with some blue in the face. Their heads are green, though their forehead and cheeks have a bluish tint. A few gray feathers dot the face. 

The eyes are dark brown and there is a ring of pale gray surrounding them. The beak is horn colored with an orange wash over it. The feet are pale gray. There is a streak of yellow along the edge of its folded wings. 

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The most noticeable characteristic is the white patches that cover the wings. These patches help to set this bird apart from another very similar species. Experts had thought these two birds were identical until fairly recently.

Behavior Of The Bee Parrots

The behavior of Bee Bee parrots is quite different from other parrots. It’s much more like a hummingbird. Its diet consists mainly of nectar and pollen.

Bee Bee parrots will also feed on fruit, seeds, and even meat if necessary. When feeding time comes, they will often fly back and forth between flowers and trees looking for food. They usually perch in the treetops when they are eating.

The male Bee Bee parrot sings his song while flying through the air. His song is a series of loud whistles followed by a long trill.

Sometimes he will sing at night as well. He will do this in response to another male singing nearby. This is called “sneezing” and is done to defend territory.

Bee Bee parrots mate for life, and they will both stay with their offspring until they fledge, providing support and care until they’re grown enough to fly and fend for themselves.

Gender Differences Of The Bee Bee Parrot

Monomorphic birds are easy to identify because they don’t vary in appearance, but this makes differentiating males and females quite tricky. Both males and females look alike.

However, there may still be subtle distinctions in the way males and females behave.

It is important to consider size in determining if a Bee Bee is male or female; however, size alone isn’t enough to determine sex. The male Bee Bees are typically larger when compared to their female counterparts. Males usually weigh approximately 75 grams, while females usually weigh approximately 65 grams.

To sex a parrot, you need to take a feather from its tail and use a special test kit. It’s the most humane, most technologically advanced method for sexing these birds. It doesn’t follow the guesswork method used by the physical evaluation of other methods.

Bee Bee Parrot Actions

A fun thing about Bee Bees is that they have a very colorful characteristic, which happens to make them very lively and playful. In order to keep them occupied, multiple activities and ways to entertain them are necessary.

These birds are naturally energetic due to their tendency to jump between branches when not in captivity. In captivity, they maintain their energy levels as well.

It is recommended that you give your bird some perches in order to channel their energy. To optimize their exercise and keep them as healthy as possible, perches of varying sizes and widths are recommended.

The cuddly Bee Bee parrot is extremely affectionate and loves cuddling with their favorite human. Often, one can see them snuggling up to their owners’ shoulders or snuggling close to cushions for comfort.

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It is not uncommon for these birds to become jealous if their favorite human gets closer to other people or animals. This little bird has attacked other pets in the family as well as children.

They have hurt themselves more as a result of retaliation than anything else due to their small size. 

The best sign that the bird is feeling pressure from the proximity of its owner with someone is when his wings raise and then flap in an explosive manner.

Bee Bee Parrots Breeding Ways

Bee Bees are cavity dwelling animals, but they don’t have the ability to create their own cavities. Instead, they burrow inside termite holes. Ideally, the nest should fit the pair and the chicks snugly.

Consider adding a nesting box for cage dwellers to encourage breeding behavior. The rear end of this cage should have a snug-fitting nest box. A front attachment would remove the privacy needed when breeding. Add organic wood shavings to the nest box to imbue it with warmth. 

Bee Bees are naturally inclined to breed during wet weather. Their natural breeding season usually runs from January through July. Every season, the female Bee lays a clutch of eggs. The clutch contains between three and five white eggs. 

The eggs are incubated for around 26 days by the female. Meanwhile, the male will protect the female and assist in the incubation process at night. As soon as the young ones hatch, the parents raise them together. At around seven weeks old, the chicks fly.

Bee Bee Parrots Diet

These parrots eat different things depending on where they live. In the wild, they feed on seeds, gum, and other types of fruit. When they’re in captivity, it’s best, at least to a certain extent, to try and replicate their diet from the wild.

Bee Bee parrots also enjoy visiting places where there is rich soil. They’re very intelligent creatures and learn remarkably quickly. 

Their diet consists mainly of seeds, but they do eat some fruits and vegetables. They like to eat grains such as millet, quinoa, oats, and safflower. They should never be fed commercial mixes of seeds. 

When keeping Bee Bee parrots as pets, you need to ensure they get enough vitamins and minerals. Always buy high-quality food, too. Cuttlebones are a must for Bee Bee to replenish their calcium reserves.

This creature needs fresh water at all times. Change the water in their drinking bowl often. For hot weather, they should get two bowls.


You should now have an understanding of everything to do with the Bee Bee Parrot after reading this guide from cover to cover. You may already be aware of some of these facts, but now you have the full scoop on these wonderful birds.

Although they’re not the most common pet in the world, as long as you have the space, and you’re willing to put the effort in, these loving animals make wonderful additions to the family unit.

Just remember to keep their diet varied and nutritious, and that they might get a little feisty if you’re their favorite, and you start paying another person or animal more attention.

In these instances, it may seem like your parrot is being unreasonable, perhaps even a little dangerous, but know that it all comes from a good place. They love so hard, they just don’t want to share you with anyone else!

Harlan Derricks