The 5 Best Parrot Cages – A Proper Guide

Parrots are creatures meant to fly in the open air and reside inside lush trees. Your pet parrot might be your best friend, but their life could be very miserable if they are not provided with clean surroundings. As such, it is your responsibility to provide them with good living conditions, and one of the best parrot cages out there can definitely help with that. 

Review of the Best Parrot Cages

Choosing the right parrot cage for your friend will keep them happy with you and aid in their growth and healthy development because of the safe and clean environment it will provide. You wouldn’t want to risk your bond with your parrot because you didn’t provide them with a suitable living place, would you?

Here are the five best parrot cages to keep your parrot happy and content.

1. Prevue Pet Products Bird Cage 

The Prevue Pet Products bird cage is a perfect pick for your pet parrot. This cage is robust and sturdy since it is made from wrought iron. This parrot cage is large, which means you can fill it with plenty of toys for your pet.  

This parrot cage comes with a vast play top so your parrot can enjoy it even while out of the cage. The cage comes with wheels, making it easy to move around. It also has a push-button door lock, which ensures that your parrot doesn’t fly away.

The cage has four pre-attached stainless steel cups, so you don’t have to worry about attaching food and water bowls. It also has a side skirt that collects your parrot’s droppings and keeps them on the removable bottom tray, which allows for easy cleaning. Two wooden perches inside the cage make sure that your parrot will be able to see the room from the best vantage points. 

Things We Like:

  • Large size allows for more space for the bird
  • Sturdy construction makes the cage longlasting 
  • Push button door lock offers maximum security 

Things We Don’t Like:

  • The paint might chip off

If you’re going to be moving your parrot’s cage around a lot, this is the cage you should get.

2. Yaheetech Rolling Large Parrot Bird Cage

Are you worried about your parrot chipping off and ingesting the paint on the cage’s bars? Well, the Yaheetech parrot bird cage is what you need. Built from premium quality metal and painted with rust and waterproof paint, this cage can easily withstand your bird’s bites. 

The cage features casters on the four legs that allow you to move it around quickly. It also has a heavy-duty crescent lock that ensures your parrot does not get out of its cage at odd times. Plus, there is a bungee rope inside the cage for the enjoyment of your parrot. It is made from metal wire and polyester, so don’t worry about it breaking anytime soon.

The two feeder doors allow you to quickly fill the food and water bowls without unlocking the main gate. Additionally, the cage has a seed guard, so your parrot does not make too much of a mess while eating. 

Things We Like:

  • Constructed from sturdy premium metal
  • Casters allow easy portability
  • Seed guard ensures cleanliness

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Not optimal for small-sized parrots

Calling all those who want a tidy cage for their parrot since the seed guard system of this product is a perfect pick for you!

3. Super Deal Pro Bird Cage

The Super Deal Pro bird cage is a suitable choice for people looking for high-quality at an affordable price. This cage is constructed out of wrought iron, making it sturdy and robust enough to withstand tough bird bites. Plus, it comes with ladders, perches, and beater balls to keep your feathery friend busy and entertained. 

With its removable bottom tray, the cleaning process is quick and hassle-free. The feeder doors allow you to fill the food and water bowls without reaching into the cage. This cage has a sturdy door locking mechanism and comes with patented bird-proof locks on all the doors. It even features two feeder bowls, a ladder, and a wooden perch at the top. 

Things We Like:

  • High-quality construction in a budget
  • Patented bird proof locks on all doors
  • Play area with feeder bowls at the top of the cage

Things We Don’t Like

  • Directions and instructions are vague, making it hard to assemble

All in all, if you are on a budget but want a comfortable cage for your parrot, there is no better choice than this product.

4. Yaheetech Open Top Rolling Parrot Bird Cage

If you’re looking for a portable cage that’s easy to move around, the Yaheetech Open Top Rolling parrot bird cage is a great choice. This cage has a detachable rolling stand which allows you to place it anywhere. The slide-out tray at the bottom of the cage allows easy cleaning and prevents a mess from forming in the cage.

The cage is extremely sturdy as it is manufactured from premium quality metal. It is also incredibly easy to assemble, so don’t worry about calling someone to do it for you. You can put it together yourself in no time! 

It has an extra storage shelf on the detachable stand for keeping the accessories of your parrot. There are also two sanded wooden perches inside the cage. There is even a wooden perch at the top of the cage. All of these features make this cage a fantastic playground for your bird.

Things We Like:

  • Detachable rolling stand allows easy maneuverability 
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Storage shelf on the detachable stand 

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Gap between the bars is too big

If you plan to assemble the cage yourself, you should look no further than this one. 

5. Yaheetech Flight King Bird Cage

The Yaheetech Flight King bird cage is a 52-inch spacious cage, allowing your parrots to easily play, sing, eat and fly without any limitations. The cage is easy to clean because of the pull-out tray for bird droppings. The door latch with a chain on the two doors ensures the utmost security for your feathered friend.

This cage is manufactured with premium wrought iron, making it highly durable. It has been coated with non-toxic powder paint with a silver anthracite finish, meaning your bird is safe even if they chip it off and ingest it. The four large feeding trays allow you to give your parrot various foods without mixing them up.

The parrot cage also features four swivel casters that allow you to move the cage around quickly. Not to forget, the cage has a slide-out floor grid for birds standing casually as you clean the cage.

Things We Like:

  • Extremely spacious, which makes it perfect for large parrots
  • Coated with non-toxic powder paint so safe for birds to chip at
  • Water and rust-resistant coating make it sturdy and durable

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Vague instructions for assembly

For all the parrot owners whose parrot is large, there is no better choice than this cage.

What to Look for in Parrot Cages

If you plan on buying one of the best parrot cages for your feathered friend, then you need to know what to look for in a parrot cage. Precisely, what features are must-haves, and what sets these best parrot cages apart from others? Let’s find out!

Bar Spacing

Bar spacing is a vital aspect to consider when buying a parrot cage. Large bar spacing might help your feathered friend escape by easily getting out of the cage. On the other hand, if the gap is too small, your birds might feel uncomfortable. If that is the case, you might not be able to watch them properly. 

Ensure that the spacing is appropriate for your bird. For small-sized birds, the spacing should be up to 0.5 inches. For medium-sized birds, the spacing should be between ⅝ inches to ¾ inches, and for large-sized birds, the spacing should be between ¾ inches to 1 inch.

Cage Dimensions

To ensure the parrot cage’s dimensions are suitable for your pet, make sure that your parrot’s tail does not touch the side or the bottom of the cage. If it touches any part of the cage, then the cage is small. Ideally, you should try to choose the biggest cage your space can handle so that your parrot will have the space to move around. 

Some people want to keep toys inside cages. Toys can quickly fill up a moderately sized cage. It is best to choose a cage at least one time larger than your bird’s wings from all sides. As your bird grows, its wingspan will likely grow as well. That is why it is always a better choice to buy a slightly bigger cage. 

For small-sized birds, the cage width should be 17 inches or more. For medium-sized birds, the cage width should be 24 inches or more, and for large-sized birds, the cage width should be 34 inches or more.

Living Conditions

Healthy living conditions are essential for your bird. Your cage should have toys, food dishes, water bowls, ladders, a playground, and perches. If they don’t have these in your cage, you should purchase them individually. 

Verify that your cage is wide enough that your bird can move freely, as mentioned above. To take good care of your feathered friend, you must make sure it has plenty of space to play. 


The material the cage is manufactured from is also crucial to keep in mind while buying one of the best parrot cages. Bird cages are usually either made from stainless steel or wrought iron

Wrought iron cages feature a powder coating on the cage. You should ensure the powder is non-toxic so it won’t harm your winged friend if he ingests it. They are cheaper than stainless steel cages and perfect for people on a budget.

It should be noted that stainless steel cages are more durable and have a better finish, so if it works with your budget, you may want to invest in a stainless steel cage.


What should I keep in my parrot’s cage?

You should keep toys, ladders, wooden perches, and bungee ropes in the cage to ensure your feathered friend is happy. Don’t forget to keep a water and food bowl inside the cage too.

Should I line the droppings tray with something?

To ensure a clean cage, you should line the removable trays in the parrot cage with disposable paper. This way, you can simply throw out the disposable paper instead of scrubbing the tray whenever your bird poops.

Which brand should I go for if I need an affordable cage?

Yaheetech makes the most affordable high-quality parrot cages.

Best Parrot Cage Brands

MidWest Homes for Pets

MidWest Homes for Pets is one of the top brands for providing the best bird cages with premium quality. Most of its cages have no nuts and bolts, making them relatively simple and easy to set up. While it’s a bit more expensive than other brands, the cage quality justifies its price. Plus, the brand offers unparalleled style and looks.

Prevue Pet Products

Prevue Pet Products has a reputation for providing safe, secure, and top-notch designed products for birds. It’s one of the most trusted brands due to easy to use and easy-to-assemble products. Plus, the brand provides a vast number of choices when it comes to sizes and colors. Their products come in a variety of price ranges.


So, these are the five best parrot cages on the market. Of all these, Prevue Pet Products Bird Cage is the best due to its double lock security system and high-quality design. It’s a big cage that you can fill with lots of toys and perches and has a big play top. 

Keep in mind that this cage is not meant for enormous birds. If you have a giant parrot, you can go for the Yaheetech Rolling Large Parrot Bird Cage. It’s big and spacious and has enough bar space to keep the bird inside, allowing you to monitor it easily too. Plus, it’s sturdy, so it can easily withstand your bird’s strong bites. 

Harlan Derricks