How Much Does an Amazon Parrot Cost?

If you’re thinking about getting an Amazon parrot, it’s critical to understand the complete expense of ownership. This will assist you in determining whether you can appropriately care for one.

Purchasing a bird is not a one-time expense. There are several tiny aspects that you may not have considered before making this selection.

How Much Does an Amazon Parrot Cost?

We are here to help you through the purchase process and to offer you an accurate estimate of how much it costs to own an Amazon Parrot each year.

Adoption Fee

Amazon parrots range in price from $400 to $1,000, depending on rarity. Because of their scarcity, some Amazon parrots command substantially higher rates, yet all parrots have something to offer.

They’re amazing animals who will brighten a person’s or family’s life more than they realize.

Amazon parrots are rarer than other types of pet birds. Adoption costs will be increased as a result of their high demand.

If you come across one, make sure they have documentation of their medical history and set up a meeting with the bird to ensure they are a good fit.

As previously said, Amazon Parrots are quite rare, and their prices will be rather high. An Amazon Parrot will cost at least $1,000 if purchased from a reputable breeder.

If you desire various colored subspecies, the pricing might be significantly more.

Only if the owner has died or given up custody are you likely to locate a free Amazon Parrot. Because parrots form such strong attachments to a single individual, this might be a traumatic experience for them.

You must get them examined by a veterinarian and ensure that everything is in order before taking them home.


Parrot cages are an important component of your parrot’s life because they spend the bulk of their time in them. This is a similar concept to how we spend a lot of time in bed with our parrots.

Nonetheless, make certain that you obtain a cage that is well-suited to their requirements.

Amazon parrots require a very large to fly around in because they are so playful and outgoing. Not to mention their size, which necessitates a large cage.

A big cage will cost you around $300 in any case. If you seek hard enough, you can surely locate a good cage, but prepare to pay a lot of money for a parrot cage.


Amazon parrots are the biggest parrots, reaching up to 18 inches in length. As you can expect, the larger the parrot, the more food it will require to survive well.

Amazon parrots adore seeds, fruits, nuts, and a variety of other foods. Given how many of them we currently have in our houses, eating isn’t too much of a hardship for our parrots.

Aside from the regular food you currently have on hand, plan on spending $20 each week on parrot food. Bagged parrot food, which is identical to bagged cat or dog food, serves the same purpose.

In any case, be informed about your parrot’s diet and what you can do to please them. Also, be certain that you do not feed them anything dangerous.

This can cause them serious injury, necessitating a trip to the veterinarian. Remember not to overfeed them and to provide them with sufficient food to maintain a healthy diet.


At $30 each month, your monthly toy budget should be ideal. This budget allows you to buy a few smaller toys all at once or one larger item straight away. It’s a terrific method to swiftly boost your parrot’s general happiness.

On the other hand, there are a plethora of accessories to think about. Some options to consider are a play cave, cage upgrades, and a parrot cushion.

Whatever you choose, any entertaining addition will undoubtedly be appreciated by your parrot.

If you’ve never had an Amazon Parrot or any other type of bird, you probably don’t know what goes into caring for them.

How Much Does an Amazon Parrot Cost?

Birds prefer clean cages, so you’ll need to replace their bedding and clean excrement from their cage accessories on a regular basis.

Furthermore, birds have powerful beaks and like nothing more than chewing on all of their toys. These toys take a battering and will need to be updated on a regular basis.


You wouldn’t think that birds require a lot of grooming, but that’s not the case. Weekly showers with a bird-safe shampoo are beneficial to Amazon parrots.

Their claws must be trimmed every few weeks, and their wings must be clipped free of old feathers to let new ones grow in.

An Amazon parrot’s hygiene and cleaning materials are vitally crucial. Given that parrots in general are filthy creatures, it’s critical to keep a sufficient supply of cleaning products on hand at all times.

A healthy supply of wipes is essential, and it will only cost you about $20 per month.

Parrot shampoo and other hygiene solutions, on the other hand, may go a long way toward improving your parrot’s cleanliness. Grooming services are often $35 to $50 for a session if you don’t want to do it yourself.


A wide range of elements contributes to health care. Amazon parrots require adequate feed, water, vet appointments, insurance, and grooming.

Your bird will not have a very healthy life if these fundamental needs are not met, and you will be depriving them of years of their life.

Most Amazon Parrots do not require frequent vet visits or medicines. However, there are times when birds become unwell, and you may find yourself with a hefty bill on your hands.

When broken down into separate monthly installments, it’s not prohibitively costly, but it’s also not something you want to overlook.

When you have a pet bird, you should get pet insurance. Medical insurance protects your bird from injuries, accidents, and illnesses that occur over its lifespan.

However, most pet insurance companies do not cover yearly appointments, so you will have to pay for them yourself.

Unfortunately, some parrot owners believe that as long as they have enough food and water, they can leave their parrot alone whilst they go away on holiday.

The fact is a parrot needs more than just food and water to be happy as they can get distressed being alone for so long which can then lead to plucking and screeching. 

One of the most difficult aspects of keeping a pet bird is finding someone to care for them while you are gone. You may anticipate paying a bird sitter around $20 every day you’re away.

You should also look for someone you trust who isn’t frightened to be near them.

As well as this, having a pet sitter in your home while you are away will ensure that nothing happens which will put your parrot’s health at risks such as a fire, gas leak, or burglary for example. 


It’s tempting to want to run out and get one as quickly as possible, but there needs to be some consideration put into the process before you make any concrete choices.

Birds are affectionate creatures who require a lot of time and care from their owners.

They also have a variety of demands that you may be unaware of. Only a few weeks after bringing your bird home, it is easy to be in over your head with medical appointments, feeding, cleaning cages, and other monthly costs.

The cost of an Amazon parrot is high, but considering they are one of the best parrots to adopt in the parrot world, the cost is justified. Always keep a record of your parrot’s budget for future reference.

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