How to Bathe a Quaker Parrot

Bathing is vital for the proper care and grooming of a Quaker Parrot. When dust and dirt start to accumulate on the body of your pet, it can start to affect their health.

This is because Quaker Parrots tend to scratch themselves hard when they get dirty. In the process, they can pull off their feathers which can be painful for them. You can, however, prevent this occurrence by bathing your parrot from time to time. But how do you go about this?

If you’re reading this article, you no longer need to worry about how to bathe your Quaker Parrot. You will understand all the details as you read on.

Method 1 – Spray Bottle

You can bathe your Quaker Parrot by using the spray bottle method. What you need is an empty and clean spray bottle. 

Pour water that is at a lukewarm temperature into a spray bottle. Twist the nozzle of the spray can such that it is set to mist, then spray your Quaker Parrot whenever you want to bathe them. 

This is an easy way to bathe your Quaker Parrot. Though it is not actually bathing in the sense that you’re not ”dipping” the parrot inside water, it works well. You also do not have to open the cage of your Quaker Parrot when you want to bathe them this way. 

It is important to only use water that is at a lukewarm temperature when spray cleaning your parrot. This is because warm water can hurt their feathers or even scald their bodies. 

To be sure, first put the water in a bowl and dip your bare hands in it. If it feels too warm for your hands, then let it cool down before using it to bathe your Quaker Parrot. At the same time, do not use cold water as it can give your parrot the flu.

Method 2 – Use a Washcloth

Whenever you want to bathe your Quaker Parrot,  you can take a washcloth and dip it in a bowl of water that is at a lukewarm temperature. The towel should be in the water for some time until it becomes soaked and soft. 

Then remove the towel from the bowl of water and squeeze out the excess water from it. Carefully scrub your parrot and ensure it is not harsh in the process. If you don’t do it gently, chances are, your Quaker Parrot will put up a fight in the process of getting clean. 

So, ensure you’re not harsh. Rub the towel slowly down their body and wings until you have cleaned their entire body. You can talk to your Quaker Parrot in the process of cleaning to help them stay calm.

Method 3 – The Shower Method

Quaker Parrots are naturally drawn to water. They can in fact jump right inside a bowl of water if they become impatient and you’re not careful enough. One way to bathe them is to let them do it themselves by getting into the water. 

You can do this by filling up a large bowl with water that is at room temperature. Then place your parrot next to the water and see if it’ll jump right into it. 

Your Quaker Parrot may be reluctant, so you can encourage them by gently splashing some of the water on its body. If the parrot loves it, they’ll dip themselves into the water and bathe themselves.

Ensure that they do not stay too long in the water though, so it doesn’t affect their health.

Method 4 – The Bathing Dish Method

This style of bathing parrots is the most common among owners of Quackers. It is achieved by placing a bathing dish inside the cage of the parrot so that they can take a bath whenever they want to. A Quaker Parrot can sometimes be reluctant and dodge the bathing dish. 

In cases like this, the Quacker owner can place some leaves or beads inside the bathing dish. This is attractive to the Quaker Parrot and they can start to dip themselves in the water until they get comfortable for periodic self-bathes.

Some people prefer to buy a cage that already has a commercial bathing dish attached to its side. But if the cage has none, you can just place one in it for your Quaker Parrot. 

You need to change the water in the bathing dish regularly so that you can help the parrot maintain good hygiene. You will also need to clean the cage more regularly due to the mess the parrot will create when they splash water.

You can place an old newspaper or a mat on the floor of the cage to collect the water that splashes in the process of the parrot getting in and out of its bathing dish.

Should You Bathe Your Quaker Parrot Every day?

No, you shouldn’t. It is not necessary to bathe your Quaker Parrot every day because it can make their skin very dry. Depending on the environment you keep your Quaker Parrot and the level of activity the parrot engages in, bathing them two to three times a month is okay.  

Some parrot owners prefer weekly cleansing. If you’re one of them, then choose a day in the week when you can clean your Quaker Parrot and stick to it. 

Of course, if you notice that your Quaker Parrot is dirty, you should go ahead and clean them even if it’s not time for them to have a bath yet. What is important is maintaining good hygiene for them and not drying their skin with frequent baths.


Good hygiene is important for the health of your Quaker Parrot and one way to achieve this is by bathing them. We have discussed four different ways that you can bathe your parrots. There is no best way, simply look for what works for you and stick to it. The method should be one that your parrot also enjoys. 

Bathing your Quaker Parrot every day is unnecessary. It can make them have dry skin. Twice to thrice a month is enough except they are very dirty and need cleaning. In cases like this, you should not delay till their bath time.

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Harlan Derricks