How Much Does Green Cheek Conure Cost, All GCC Mutations Price Check

Green cheek conures are some of the most unique and iconic-looking birds in the parrot family.

If you are considering buying one and keeping it as a pet, then there are lots of things you’ll want to know before committing to having a new animal around!

How Much Does Green Cheek Conure Cost, All GCC Mutations Price Check

One of the most common questions that come up regarding these beautiful birds is how much they cost?

Well, different mutations cost different amounts of money, and these are always changing with the times and depending on where you’re buying from. Sometimes it can be difficult to work out. 

If you find yourself wondering about this, then you are in the right place! This guide is going to take you through all things in relation to green cheek conures.

We will outline how much they cost, their different color mutations, and how this might affect pricing, as well as some additional information on how to care for your new pet!

What Is A Green Cheek Conure?

A green cheek conure is a species of small parrot that lives in tropical South America. They are also known as “green-cheeked conures” or “green-faced conures.”

This bird has a distinctive bright green face with yellow cheeks and a red band around its neck.

The male of this species is usually larger than the female.

Green cheek conures have been bred to be very friendly towards humans. Their personalities can range from shy to outgoing depending on their age.

These birds are great for beginners because they are easy to care for and will bond quickly with you if given the chance.

The Green Cheek Conure is one of the smallest parrots in the world. It weighs only about 2 pounds (0.9 kg) and stands about 10 inches tall (25 cm).

What Are The Different Mutations Of The Green Cheek Conure? 

How Much Does Green Cheek Conure Cost, All GCC Mutations Price Check

There are many different types of green cheek conures out there. Some of these include:

Blue Eye Mutation

Blue eyes are an extremely rare mutation found in the green cheek conure. Only about 5% of the population carry blue eyes.

Redhead Mutation

Redheads are another rare mutation found in the Green Cheek Conure. About 4% of the population has redheads.

Yellowhead Mutation

Yellow heads are the most common mutation in the Green Cheek conure. About 50% of the population has yellow heads.

Brown Head Mutation

Brown heads are also fairly common in the Green Cheek. About 30% of the population has brown heads.

How Much Does A Green Cheek Conure Cost? 

So now that we’ve taken you through some of the basics, let’s get to the main question! How much, exactly, does a green cheek conure cost?

This massively depends on several different factors, but more than anything it depends on the color mutation that you have.

Below is a list of estimated prices with reference to each of the different mutation types. 

  • Blue Eye Mutation – $1,000+
  • RedHead Mutation – $500-$700
  • Yellow Head Mutation – $300-$400
  • Brown head mutation – $200-$250

Where Can I Buy My Own Green Cheek Conure?

You can buy your green cheek conures at reputable pet stores like Petco, Petsmart, Amazon, etc.

However, keep in mind that not all pet stores sell them and that you may need to contact an independent breeder.

You’ll need to do some research before buying your first conure, so check below at our Frequently Asked Questions section for some additional information about caring for your bird. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Depending on the mutation type of your Green Cheeked Conure, you can expect to pay a large range of different prices.

We would like to highlight here that the prices are estimates, and can vary depending on where you are buying from!

Independent breeders will often charge more, but you can expect better cared for and healthy animals.

We hope that this guide has given you a lot of the information you’ll need and that you now know a lot more about the prices of different Green Cheek Conures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute queries answered here! 

Are Green Cheeks Conures Easy To Train?

Yes! Green cheeks are very easy to train. They learn fast and love attention.

If you want to get started training your new conure, here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Start by feeding your conure every morning and evening. Give him lots of treats throughout the day.

Give your conure plenty of toys to play with. Make sure he has something to climb on, chew, and scratch.

Make sure to give your conure plenty of opportunities to interact with people. Let him watch TV, listen to music, and even dance with you.

Try to make your conure feel safe. Keep his cage clean and free of hazards.

Try to avoid using harsh or loud noises when interacting with your conure. Instead, use soft voices and gentle touch.

Are Green Cheek Conures Friendly Birds?

Yes! Green cheek conures are very friendly birds. They love to be around people and enjoy playing with others.

They also enjoy watching television, listening to music, and hanging out with other pets. They prefer to hang out with other birds rather than human beings.

How Long Do Green Cheeks Take To Grow?

It takes an adult Green Cheek Conure about two years to reach full maturity. During this time, the bird will grow from approximately 8 ounces to about 20 pounds.

What Is The Lifespan Of Green Cheek Conures?

Green cheek conures live anywhere between 10-15 years.

What Is A Yellow-Sided Conure?

A yellow-sided conure is a mutation of the green cheek conure. It comes from a cross between a blue eye conure and a redhead conure.

Yellow-sides come in three different mutations: yellow head, yellow eye, and yellowtail.

Do Green Cheek Conures Have Turquoise Mutations? 

Turquoise mutations occur in both males and females. Turquoise mutations are usually found in the eyes, wings, feet, and tail feathers.

These mutations are considered rare because only one in every 100,000 conures will develop these colors.

Harlan Derricks